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He buys paintings for millions like you buy a comic book.

He puts it over his fireplace, he looks at it and says ‘I’m happy’ and when the fire runs low he throws it in the fire.” channeling the energies of the more volatile of the nationalists. She knows what she needs to do to engage a broader constituency.

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last October, he exposed Ron Lauder, the president of the World Jewish Congress, as a spiritually bankrupt Jew: “Lauder.

Oh, the smell [he’s heir of Estée Lauder.] He’s a billionaire.

This ongoing saga of restoration (and much credit is due to the person who seems to have the least legal rights out of the whole cast of those involved in the restored film: Kevin Brownlow) means that a DVD release of the Coppola version, with its many flaws, seems absurd and remarkably selfish and damaging.

This film desperately needs to be released on DVD, but only in as close a form as possible to Gance's original masterpiece of 1927, seen by far too few people.

“So Viktor, tell me about you….it’s not fair that you know me and I don’t know anything about you…” Viktor smiled and got a bit more comfortable himself.

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