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Or when we finally do hang out, it’s usually just for you-know-what and not much else.

” For more about how our thoughts affect our personal outcomes, look at my blog on reframing Keep your eye on the prize.

Be intentional and aware of your choices and actions, because they either get you closer to what you actually want, or they don’t. Go out and sign up for charitable work—Habitat for Humanity, the local soup kitchen. Be patient and invested and the excitement will return to you, I promise.

Remember dating is a p r o c e s s with a beginning, middle, and end. There is the beginning—step one: You meet someone and decide if you want to know this person better. Below there are mojo-tips that will aid you in getting this part right and having fun with it.

Next is the middle—step two: You experience someone . Step three: You get the relationship you want and need. Here are the 10 mojo-resetting tips to help you get your groove back: To be in the right head space to date “well”—meaning it’s fun, comfortable, and has positive results—you need to work on .

It makes me angry, but I can’t control their ignorance, and if they ARE calling me crazy, then it’s a damned good thing I won’t be rewarding them with my company anymore.

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