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The people who are most accurate at detecting deception are sensitive to nonverbal cues – the most common channel in which the deceiver “leaks” their true intent. One of the most important factors in being deceived is your willingness to be deceived. (1) The longer the profile, the greater likelihood that one’s potential suitor will detect dissimilarity. If you meet another person in a state of neediness, you are particularly vulnerable to having the wool pulled over your eyes. If your date tells you they are dishonest believe them! How can I increase the appeal of my profile to the types of people I would like to meet? One of the most common findings in the science of interpersonal attraction — which applies to both our selection of friends and romantic partners – is that the more similar someone perceives you as being like them, the more likely they are to be attracted to you. This perception triggers greater scrutiny for differences, causing a cascade of disaffection for the profile. Moreover, revealing your wounds makes it easier to manipulate you (See 11b, below). My colleagues who treat sex offenders consistently report their clients, when offending, had a preference for religiously-based sites, apparently viewing women subscribers as more naive and vulnerable. Self-presentation in online personals: The role of anticipated future interaction, self disclosure, and perceived success in Internet dating.

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Personals in order to be able to enjoy the services.

There are three packages offered for the subscription.

I am a liberal who smokes and this week I am getting bombarded by conservatives who don't smoke.

I keep editing my profile and asking people who are not compatible with me to let me be - to no avail. I carefully look over that stuff myself and if the person is looking for someone younger, thinner, etc etc I don't bother them...the dudes that write me - I look at what THEY want and they WANT conservative non-smokers, but still the write me! It makes me wonder if Yahoo attracts the brain dead (or if brain dead is all that is available in MY particular area, LOL). Have met quite a few really nice guys on Yahoo Personals here in Charlotte, NC.

Yahoo Personals users will be encouraged to migrate to on Yahoo and given the opportunity to seamlessly migrate their Yahoo Personals accounts over to the new site.

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