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Firstly, potatoes arrived from the New World and, while the yield of their fermentation was poor, there was a lot more of them than rye, so vodka from potatoes became the new craze.Secondly, Irish inventor Aeneas Coffey patented the single column still (the precursor of a modern distillation column) that would eventually allow spirits to reach purity of 95% alcohol.This will look at how best to support young people who are native speakers of a large number of languages, including Polish, and will also look at how best to harness this advantage to Ireland’s cultural and economic advantage.

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By the third millennium BCE the presence of rock-cut burial chambers, pottery and stone vases and figurines suggest a period of significant growth.

The marble used for these vessels probably came from the nearby islands of Paros and Naxos and together with finds of Theran pumice stone (used as a polish abrasive) suggest the presence of inter-island trade.

Being strategically well-placed on the copper trade route between Cyprus and Minoan Crete, Akrotiri also became an important centre for metal work, as is evidenced by finds of moulds and crucibles.

From 2000 to 1650 BCE Akrotiri became more urbanised with paved streets and extensive drainage systems.

“I think they deserve that Polish culture is cultivated here,” the Minister told reporters.

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