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By all means, avoid investing every waking moment in a quest to find your next partner to the point you become a wild-eyed desperado with the next 27 online dating candidates prioritised and calendared, but don’t think you can simply sit on the sofa waiting either.

Whether it’s a daily email from the online dating guru you signed up for during that first 24 hour sob-fest, the barista who knows when you ditch your decaf chai for a double espresso it means you’re single again, or your well-meaning besties…. This advice is informed by the provider’s own life experience, values and emotions – none of which precisely mirror your own.

So how do you sort through the good, bad and the ugly?

Take the standard dinner-and-a-movie plan, for instance.

The price climbs even higher if one or both of you order alcohol. Seeing “Jurassic World” in 3D can set you back another $20-25. That’s my idea of a date movie.) You could potentially drop $70 on a date — or more!

However, there are plenty of ways to cut back when you just want to spend time with that special someone. Some of my personal favorites are mini-golf, laser tag, or a baseball game.

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