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Consequently, as we have your best playing experience at heart, we assembled a special team of our highly trained (and this time mostly sane) star developers to prepare a rapid-response patch to address these concerns.

wot updating tankers-11

To download the latest drivers, use the search for a suitable driver on a website of video card manufacturer: When the work on 9.16 started, we went through forum threads and social media to see what you thought, so we could prioritize the items on our to-do list.

During update testing, you shared with us an incredible amount of feedback, helping us fine-tune each and every new item on the list.

So, before deployment commotion reaches its peak, let’s give these new features some well-deserved attention.

But first, there are a few purely technical issues to keep in mind: To avoid problems with graphics, performance, as well as the stability of the game client, it is strongly recommended to update the drivers for the video card to the latest version.

Each player has a set of three missions they can complete with varying difficulty levels: simple and advanced.

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