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This could be due in part to Bermuda’s tax haven reputation, which has attracted the richest and most powerful in recent years.

It may come as a surprise to many considering high food costs and rising inflation, but the UK has fallen out of the 20 most expensive countries for the first time since 2009, topped by the likes of Ireland and the USA.

Quotes can help people to remember a point or lesson. Some people carry their favourite quotations with them for all of their lives.

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It must have been a really really lanky plumber who put it up. Can’t they just go: “Bwooh, that was mad, I thought that was true for a minute.” Why do people believe it?!

Jackie Clune: I have an Australian girlfriend who has two vaginas. Stephen Fry: There is a distinction to be drawn between those who claim to have access to revealed truth and therefore claim to know what happens to us after we’re dead on the basis of a text, whether it’s a Quran or a Holy Bible. And if they want to believe it, they’re fine, but they mustn’t push it down our throats and they mustn’t tell me whom I’m allowed to go to bed with and whom I’m not allowed to go to bed with. Anybody who tells me what happens after I’m dead is either a liar or a fool, because they don’t know.

This is actually true, the researchers were writing this down with great excitement about Burma, only to discover in the end that Burma turned out to be the name of a poodle belonging to the author of the website.

Alan Davies: I was standing at the urinal and it was so high I had to stand on tip toe, and I nearly pulled a muscle in the hamstring area. I don’t eat meat, and someone actually said to me, someone who should remain nameless, really angrily: “Animals were put on earth for us to eat.” What does he mean by that? Alan Davies: I said: “You can eat one if you want, but don’t shout at me about them being put there like it’s some big toy farmyard.” You are really clever, why do they believe it all?

Here are some of the best inspirational quotes for training and teaching, personal fulfilment, self-development, visualisation, and general motivational purposes.

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