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Famous men who have dated Whoopi Goldberg, listed alphabetically with photos when available.

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In the past, Bure has said that she wants people to stop arguing about her Christianity.

Since joining the daytime television show, she has endured criticism for her Christian views and also for not acting Christian enough.

Ted Cruz announced his presidential campaign in 2015 to kick off the presidential election, and urges the DNC and RNC to spare the country another "lengthy slugfest."Goldberg immediately grabbed Bure's hand and began to recite a prayer."Yes I'm getting Whoopi to pray," Bure shouted as she agreed with Goldberg's prayer to shorten the election cycle."Lord Make this cycle shorter," Goldberg prayed.

Days before Goldberg and Bure prayed on the show, the "Fuller House" actress met one of her favorite authors, Ann Voskamp, who celebrated her courageous stance to share her faith on a mainstream platform.

), is an American actress, comedian, author and television host.

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