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Most recently, Mike covered Secretary Hillary Clinton’s 2016 president campaign.

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Her mother Mercedes who was involved in social service died of leukemia, when Kimberly was just 11. Her father Tony, who came to the US in his early 20, served for four years in the US and then got into the construction trade.

He flourished as a real estate investor and financial advisor, before his death in 2008.

” Trump stated, separating himself from his opponent. One reporter disagreed, calling the New Yorker out on Twitter, arguing that Trump isn’t funding his own general election campaign.

“I have no special interests telling me what to do. Trump, who has been attending fundraisers throughout the general election, has said he is raising money for the Republican Party.

“This campaign is about giving a voice to those that don’t have one…I am your voice,” Trump told his supporters on Saturday, speaking from a teleprompter, which has become a new norm for the real estate mogul.

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