Who is miguel dating

Who is miguel dating

I mean, the rollercoaster of light-hearted happiness and jovial family fun, coupled with the heart-tugging and sad turn of events, are certainly what keeps me and millions of other fans glued to this show.

But, at this point, there are just some questions that I need answered immediately.

And after a bit of internet probing for clues, I came up with a list of facts, and a few speculated theories of my own, in an effort to piece together exactly how Miguel and Rebecca ended up together.

So, here's what we Miguel and his wife, Shelly, announced that they were getting divorced during a double dinner date with Jack and Rebecca, so the door was obviously open for Miguel to begin dating other people.

Were there clues pointing at them beginning to get close? For real, the suspense of this entire season is seriously killing me, but in the mean time, I've decided to take a closer look at the signs that may have been there all along.

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