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Our focus in this interview, which taps into a disc jockey/music director and a former television personality, is to shine a light on personalities that we feel should be gravitating into your consciousness and are deserving of our collective attention.Max Hodges: I grew up in Santa Cruz, California, surfing and skating and enjoying that great place. Adam Lambert admits that “wine and weed” have often helped him deal with a broken heart Conan O’Brien dishes on his make-out session with Ryan Reynolds: ‘It went on for about a minute and 20 seconds’ Legendary designer Bob Mackie on Cher’s daring Billboard Music Awards outfits Harvey Levin is usually busy breaking news about other people.

Sex often is a taboo subject, especially if you’re looking for it. How are you supposed to just come out and say all you want is a hookup without feeling guilty? Or how are you supposed to open yourself up to online dating if you’re not comfortable with the atmosphere? Down is the most secure and confidential way to state what you want (and get what you want) – no shame or fear!

Out of growing frustration with the dating market, Colin Hodge cofounded Down (formerly known as Bang with Friends) in January 2013 as a way for people to explicitly, and privately, state what they’re looking for without embarrassment.

Unlike most dating sites, users don’t have to fill out a long profile with clever anecdotes, and participation is completely secret unless the members chose otherwise.

Users also are given a Bangability score, which Hodge said is a “secret formula” based on how many people have viewed them and how many people are interested in meeting for either a date or for getting down.

The mere mention of People’s Court makes me kiss my fingers while making the “muah” sound like a cartoon Italian chef on a pizza box.

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