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She recently came under fire for appearing in the controversial music video shot by her jailbird boyfriend's brother.But Lauren Goodger didn't seem have a care in the world as she headed to the launch of Beauty Haven salon in Hertfordshire on Saturday.It's an island where, by and large, everything works, and the Bajans are a self-confident, dynamic lot who get things done.

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I think being a mother has made me a better actress.’ Goose, a former star of Casualty and Waking The Dead, and a lads’ mag favourite back in the day, is talking about Jane, the troubled woman she plays in ITV thriller Undeniable.

The plot hinges on the grown-up Jane believing she’s spotted the man who killed her mother – 23 years after the event.

In terms of price, winter is, unfortunately, the worst time to go, with hotel and villa rates much higher from mid-December to April than at other times of year (especially over Christmas/New Year and Easter, when additional premiums are often charged).

Taking into account both the weather and price, May is a great month to travel - accommodation rates are much lower than January-April, but the weather is almost as good as in the preceding months. If you're tied to school holidays, the May half term usually works out cheaper than the Christmas, Easter or summer holidays.

‘I felt a very strong emotional connection with Jane because she tapped into the utter terror a parent has about anything happening to her children.

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