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But Tina Turner is not alone: some people refuse to follow the rules when their enemies pass away.Andy Mc Smith recalls some memorable last words 'Tina is aware that Ike passed away today...

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"They should be regularly exposed," he declared, "like corrupt constabularies or faulty sewage systems . "Damn you England," the piece ended, "you're rotting now, and quite soon you'll disappear. ." Yet in 1964 Osborne noted, without discernible irony: "Whatever else, I have been blessed with God's two greatest gifts: to be born English and heterosexual." The prospect of exile seemed to him "as chilling as the prospect of the bang on the closing gates at the Scrubs"; and he ended his life in a Regency House in Shropshire that Bertie Wooster might have been proud to own.

My hatred will outrun you yet, if only for a few seconds. Later in Osborne's career, as dramatic success eluded him, and it began to be whispered that he had owed his acclaim to brilliant actors, he wrote two coruscating volumes of autobiography, A Better Class of Person (1981) and Almost A Gentleman (1991).

The divorce settlement was one of the most notorious in show business history: he kept every cent they had earned together. As a solo artist, she was bigger than she had ever been while they were working together, whereas he ended up in jail because of his drug addiction. ' Paul Mccartney on John Lennon's murder Lennon and Mc Cartney were a dream team when they were young, but, from about 1964, they were, in effect, working apart as songwriters and, by the end of the decade their relationship, had broken down.

In 1986, she published an autobiography that destroyed what was left of his reputation. Mc Cartney liked to write sentimental love songs such as "Yesterday", Lennon liked rock songs.

Self-loathing appears to be a driving force of his art.

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