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At age 12, the newly formed Jackson 5 won a talent contest singing the Temptations hit song "My Girl." The group made their professional debut in a nightclub in Indiana.

The owner of the nightclub, Keith Gordon, decided to give the Jackson 5 a chance to record in his studio.

She requested spousal support in her divorce petition that was filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles. We look at her like our little baby and now she's grown and having a baby.

Jackson is the second child of the Jackson family and the oldest Jackson brother.

Sigmund Esco Jackson was born on his mother Katherine's 21st birthday in 1951.

He previously wrote about Katherine Jackson’s letters to her son, in which she called Michael a homophobic slur. All the while was the subtext — it should have been me.

Here, in Part Two of his memories of life among the Jacksons, he talks about the family member he knows best — Jermaine, the jealous older brother of Michael. But once Michael beat me to it, he made sure it would only be him.” Of all the Jacksons, none was more tortured by the cult of Michael than Jermaine. “I still say his timing was what made him the King of Pop,” Jermaine once said.

As the second oldest of nine children, the oldest male and original frontman of the Jackson singing group The Jackson Brothers, Jackie Jackson was seen as a leader of the children on and off the stage.

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