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better known by the ring name Triple H (an abbreviation of his original WWE ring name Hunter Hearst Helmsley), is an American business executive and professional wrestler.

Levesque is the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative for WWE, as well as being the founder and senior producer of NXT and the creator of the NXT television series.

We have run the report by someone else who heard the show who says it is an accurate portrayal of what was said, but again the wording isn't exactly since the summary was taken from notes, not a tape recording. Steph: Shane was, at one time, part of the creative process, not now. He used to drop hints and I wondered if he was hitting on me. I knew it was forbidden in our business for me to date any of the wrestlers, (jokes) this is rules for disowning. I think that Stephanie had a real opportunity to gain some respect, and she really disappointed me as a woman with that unprofessional behavior. Once you rope yourself into that family, that's a 24/7 job.

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Howard Stern first played a tape of his Wack Pack recreating current movies that he'd like to sell as a PPV joke. Steph: I'm sure, according to Joanie, I'm the bitch. We stopped talking when I discovered she was still living at their house together.

Nicole Bass and homeless drunk Jeff Kuro on a Madonna-like island in "Swept Away." Jeff first tells Nicole to get him a beer and open her mouth so he can drain his lizard. Drop that thong and let me violate your personal airspace! It was definitely a big deal for Triple H to date me. By the time I came around, things weren't so good as I understand it. At the time we started our on-screen storyline, we hit it off.

It was a very interesting 90 minutes, that’s for sure. The 90 minute dialogue between Russo and Chyna is well worth the listen, as it will give you a lot of background on her relationship breakdown with Triple H and Stephanie Mc Mahon’s involvement.

There will certainly be plenty of fallout from this.

17, 2002 Host: Howard Stern Report by Mike Lano, correspondent Editor's Note: If you are easily offended, you may want to reconsider reading the following transcription of Stephanie Mc Mahon's appearance on this morning's Howard Stern radio show.

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