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He became the permanent host of the phenomenally successful over-night program on January 1, 2003, following Bell’s retirement.

Since then, Noory’s audience has continued to grow.

From a childhood watching shows like Star Trek, the Prisoner, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Creature Feature, The Amazing Kreskin and the 6th Sense, …

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He and his family were subject to repeated intrusions on his property in Pahrump.

In fear for his family's safety, he opted to leave the air, and ostensibly, public life, as he believed the intruder or intruders wanted him off the air. Air Force as a medic during the Vietnam War and in his free time operated a pirate radio station at Amarillo Air Force Base.

From his first days as a radio broadcaster he says, “I’ve wanted to cover stories that the mainstream media never touch—the unusual, the paranormal and things like that.

I learned that broadcast was the best business for exploring these issues, and I’ve been doing it for 33 years.” He dates his interest in these matters to a book by Walter Sullivan, that his mother gave him when he was 13. Prior to his late-night show on KTRS, Noory had an extensive broadcast career.

It was the most amazing purple that I have ever seen, not sure that I can replicate what I saw by way of description. Shoulder length brown hair and it was tasseled though not unkempt. He appeared from his torso up, the purple then all around him in perimeter about 3 feet wide roughly all around him. I could tell (though I heard nothing) that they were communicating, the two of them. The man to the left was not in an orb, but was “THERE” right in front of me, whether you call it 3d, 4d, or whatever I’m not sure.

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