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And as she turns 21, Sophie resolves to blaze her own trail, starting with finding her own home.Shannon can't help but follow Sophie, hoping to ensure that her daughter's path not only leads in the right direction but is wide enough for two.

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KISS vocalist and bassist Gene Simmons' family is stepping back into the reality TV spotlight.

On Thursday, cable channel UP TV will premiere "Shannon & Sophie," a new eight-episode series that focuses on the relationship between the rock star's wife, model Shannon Tweed, and their daughter, actress and singer Sophie Tweed-Simmons.

According to the network's official description, subjects tackled in the new program include Sophie's decision to move out of the Simmons family home, the launch of her clothing line "Sophie x The Style Club," and career moves from shooting a blog with Cosmopolitan magazine in New York to singing the National Anthem at a Canadian Football League game in Vancouver.

During all of this, Shannon follows along with her daughter, trying to find the line between "meddling mother and supportive best friend." While Simmons himself is not a central figure in the new TV series, he'll appear in at least one episode.

The 23-year-old spawn of KISS rocker Gene Simmons and former Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed put her curves on display during a photo shoot.

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