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The unprecedented use of the word "bloody" - as a scripted intensive - caused a sensation when Campbell delivered it.For the 1938 film Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw personally requested the young English actress Wendy Hiller play Doolittle, a part she had previously played on stage opposite Leslie Howard as Higgins.

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Doolittle receives voice coaching and learns the rules of etiquette.

The outcome of these attentions varies between the original play and the various adaptations (see Pygmalion article).

The cutest Beatle as the cutest Shakespearean character? But alas, Franco Zefferelli instead plucked 16-year-old Leonard Whiting from obscurity to star in the 1968 screen adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet." (Whiting then promptly dropped back into obscurity.) But seriously, would it have killed the director to insert a scene of Romeo standing under Juliet's balcony strumming the guitar and singing "And I Love Her"?

Had a TV commitment not gotten in the way, the future Six Million Dollar Man would have played the incompetent hustler in 1969's "Midnight Cowboy," a role that landed Jon Voight an Oscar nomination.

She has released songs like "Skinny Genes" and "Big When I Was Little." She grew up in a family of eight siblings and she performed at local schools with her first band as a teenager.

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