Who is david geffen dating

Louis and his rucksack full of fossils come with me just as far as the garden gate, and alone I make my way up the path to Attenborough’s minty-green-coloured villa in Richmond, south-west London.

Bait in the form of a plesiosaur vertebra rests in the palm of my hand.

Susan brings me water while her father – patiently, enthusiastically and occasionally, I sense, somewhat competitively in the presence of that plesiosaur vertebra – attends to Louis, who looks suitably startled to be here with the man he has worshipped since he was three. 'It’s a shark tooth.’ As a young boy, in the countryside around the family home in Leicestershire (his father being the principal of Leicester University), Attenborough hunted for fossils, bird’s eggs (which in those days you were allowed to collect) and myriad other little beasts that he could take home and keep in jars.

'This one is an ichthyosaur,’ Attenborough says, fetching one of his own specimens, having been clearly impressed by Louis’ lower jaw of cretaceous crocodile, 'and these here are gastralia.’ He runs his fingers along the underside of the ichthyosaur. The nearby Charnwood Forest was full not only of trees and birds and scuttling creatures but also of 600-million-year-old rocks believed to be among the most ancient on the planet.

I want to meet my dad.” PHOTOS: Look: The Similarities Between David Cassidy & His ‘Secret Daughter’ Wright was raised by her mother, Donna G.

Wallace and famed Nashville songwriter James Bohon.

The song, which was rumored for years to be about one of her ex-boyfriends (like Warren Beatty or Mick Jagger), was actually written about gay record label boss David Geffen.

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