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"If you were to play the songs on a piano, they would sound pretty sad," says Mercer."But you add the beat and hooks, and then it becomes a party record, in a way." Broken Bells to Take Disco on the Road in 2014 Burton kept the recording equipment to a bare minimum – using only a couple of guitars and inexpensive synths to create loops for Mercer to sing over.

He opted to move to London for a time and connected with a British-based company who signed him to the hip-hop imprint, Lex.

Danger Mouse has become one of rock's biggest producers in the past five years, working with A-list bands like the Black Keys and U2 – but he admits his personal life hasn't been quite as successful.

Later on, I was able to find out that even though the kinds of music I listened to were all different, there were some technical similarities and certain chords that hit me in particular ways.

“I can create different kinds of musical worlds, but the artist needs the desire to go into that world.

He lived in Spring Valley before moving to a suburb of Atlanta during his early teens, where he developed a passion for hip-hop.

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