Who is annie j clark dating

"But he didn't really know [Le]," the source said. He'd seen her and said, ' Hi' and kept on going.""My boyfriend, Ray, if you don't know him, has no interest in any of the other girls at [the university research center] as anything more than friends."This rumor of a 'fling' is probably the most stupid thing i have ever heard and really is not even worth going into detail about."It definitely freaks me out," said Ivan Hernandez, 22, who lives directly above Clark.

Authorities are offering few details about the crime.

They would not discuss a motive, largely because Clark will not talk to police, and would not disclose the DNA test results or how they connected Clark to the slaying.

It was also determined that among other injuries, her jaw and one collar bone had been broken before her death.

On September 17, police arrested a suspect, Raymond J.

been a target of PETA in the past, and it could prove consequential in the case; Clark was found with scratches on his body that he's blaming on the animals he worked with, rather than being from a fighting Le.] Based on 700 hours of surveillance footage, police One lesson in all this: You could theoretically be totally innocent of a crime, but still find everything you posted online end up in the tabloids. Ray Clark's Digital Trail Ray had a barely-filled-in Myspace page that he hadn't accessed since 2006.

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