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ORJack is a wizard with poor magic control and Zack is his familiar who helps him get a grip on it.(This whole thing is vague asf, I'm sorry) It's the end of All Time Low's most recent tour and Jack has been experiencing health issues, Alex urges him to go to the doctor and get it checked out. Now get your butt back in there because I hear Dear Maria.

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“Give me therapy,” Alex whispered.“I’m a walking travesty,” Rian whispered back.

“What I mean is that there are things - simple things - that without our knowing, mean the world to us and when they change, they change for our own good, because whether we like it or not, we are looking out for ourselves.

This next song goes out to anybody who's ever been told that the way that they think or the way that they feel is the wrong way to think or the wrong way to feel.

Goes out to anybody who's ever been pushed down, held back, walked on...

Even high schoolers like Nick and Judy along with Jack and Skye want their dreams to become true. // I'm doing the Don't Break the Chain system, and my goal is to write a minimum of three paragraphs a day inspired by a song from my i Tunes. Everyone in school thinks Nagisa is a girl, he wants to explain that he is a boy but every time he brings it up no one believes him.

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