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star Jon Hamm for 15 years, realized that the script, about two single friends whose married friends disappear from their lives once they have kids, could easily be a reflection of his own friendship with Westfeldt and Hamm. VIDEOS: ' Parks and Recreation' at Paley Fest “I was one of those people in Jon and Jen's life who sort of went off the grid once we had our son,” Scott tells The actor will hit the big screen this month in Westfeldt’s directorial debut about two friends (played by Scott and Westfeldt) who decide to have a baby together without being romantically involved.They believe they can remain platonic friends and pursue relationships with other people, therefore avoiding the same fate as their married friends who’ve changed from happy lovers to stressed-out parents.The cast and crew filmed the scene in Biden's ceremonial office on the White House grounds.

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Because his look in the film was a bit, um, diminutive.

Luckily, at least one thing about the prosthetic penis experience wasn’t embarrassing—Scott’s wife Naomi, who was a producer on the film, was there with him the day he was fitted for it.

") that he became something more than a Hollywood That Guy.

After nailing the disaffected never-was actor-turned-catering-service-bartender role on the beloved cult hit Adam Scott: I actually auditioned for it before it was even on the air.

Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott’s prosthetic penises have been the talk of Sundance—at least, the parts of Sundance that couldn’t help being a little stunned by what looked like full-frontal nude scenes in their film ’s senior west coast editor Krista Smith, he went along with the ruse that there were no prosthetics at all.

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