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This is only a copy of a page which is no longer active. Someone in our company spread the word and they were confiscated., in Vietnam in C-2/327 Infantry 101st Airborne, he served in Vietnam from January 10, 1970 until December 4, 1970.If you are the owner of the original page, and you wish to have this copy removed, please contact And it will be removed immediately The page below is only a COPY HHC, 3-187 INF Military Intelligence Phu Bai, A Shau, worked with MI aerial photos and image interpretation. My father died in 1979 when I was very young and talked very little to relatives of his time in Vietnam and I'd like to find out where all he was during a time that had such a profound impact on his life and anything anyone could tell me of him as I was so young when he died and have a limited amount of memories.The program offers one year basic machining practice and one year computer numerical control.

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The slowed economy isn't helping matters much either as more building owners and home owners opt to cut costs in building maintenance.

We have a state of the art training facility with 10 new Harrison Lathes, 10 new Birmingham mills, 2 Haas CNC mills, 2 Haas CNC lathes and all the tooling to go with it.

My father had pictures of the following places: Eagle, Cau Hai, Cam Ranh, Hoa Binh, Hoa Mau, Cau Hai, Phu Loc, Cinh Loc, Bach Ma Road, Los Banos, Nvoc Voc, Elephant Valley, Truoi, 155, Hill 602 and Nuoc.

My father had pictures of the following people: Dave Sandoval, Don Kirby, Dennis Utt, Ron Kenslow, Ed Mc Williams, Horn, Morris, Doghandler, Ralph Velasco, Sammy Gray, Jay Irick, Gary Way, Roger Long, Kerry Kitt, Allen Tinker, Ramos, Watson, George Mallinak, Doc Kelly, Danny Poole, Ron Smith, Mac Gregor, Terry Kasparian, Mike Rice, Bob Mattox, Sadler, Skinner, Lamburger, Puckett, Chico, Slick Wilhelmi, and Little John.

We offer a certificate in Machine Tool Technology and also one in CNC machining.

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