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This free content was digitised by double rekeying. The ancient parish of Nuneaton, containing 6,541 acres, formed a roughly L-shaped block lying to the north and east of Chilvers Coton, the northern limb of the L being some 6 miles from east to west and the eastern rather over 3 miles from north to south.

At the angle of the two limbs lay the town, which had originally grown up round the nunnery to which it owes its name, but had subsequently developed as a mining and industrial centre.

75) is one of the very few old houses in the town, being a 17thcentury timber-framed building with a massive central chimney-stack and chamfered beams to the ceilings. Other fairs, for horses and cattle, on 18 February and 31 October, and a statutory fair 14 days before Michaelmas, which existed in 1850 (fn. 10) and in 1233 the day was changed to Saturday, (fn. In 1314 a grant for five years of dues on all goods brought into the town was made to the priory for the paving of the town. 12) Twenty years later a grant of pontage for the repair of the bridge was made to 'the bailiffs and goodmen' of Nuneaton. 13) This suggests the existence of something in the nature of a manorial borough, which is borne out by a charter of 1227 by which Sibyl the Prioress and Robert the Prior of Nuneaton grant that all who hold burgages from them in the town shall hold them as freely as the burgesses of the Prior of Coventry hold in Coventry. 14) There are many references to burgages and half-burgages in Nuneaton, some of which were in 'Bakhouse Lane', between 13, (fn. 19) probably benefited the larger farmers at the expense of the poor, and in August 1756 Nuneaton was one of the places where there were serious riots over the price of corn.

Wale dating history

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In the course of its history, it has been ruled by the Ancient Egyptians, the Canaanites, the Philistines, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Phoenicians, the Hasmoneans, the Romans, the Persians, the Arabs and the Crusaders, until it was destroyed by the Mamluks in 1270.

The Arab village of al-Majdal or al-Majdal Asqalan (Arabic: ‎‎), was established a few kilometres inland from the ancient site by the late 15th century, under Ottoman rule.

On the east the boundary leaves Watling Street to follow the Harrow Brook into the upper reaches of the Anker; on the west it runs down the Wem Brook to join the Anker ½ mile below the Market Place. 17) The town, however, was never called a borough, and any organization that did exist must have been quite rudimentary.

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