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On being branded a 'gold digger' she said: ‘What they’re really saying is the guy that you’re with is stupid as f***, like I can take advantage of him and take all his money, use him as much as I possibly can…but they’re not looking at the guy’.

The backlash is just the most recent incarnation of the exhausted "basic bitch" joke.

That is, women who partake in any kind of festival styling—flower crowns, fringe, anything Kendall Jenner wore this week—are automatically idiots.

Oh, and by internet logic, being dumb means you're also easy. As strange as it is to note, this isn't the first Snapchat feature to trigger a wave of unwarranted, and extremely gendered hate.

The puppy filter has been controversial for some time.

Sadly, not even the beloved haven of Snapchat is a safe place anymore: choosing the wrong filter can also bring on the wrath of the world wide web.

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