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Unless otherwise agreed to by Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), HP provides HP Support Services only for the current and immediately preceding versions of HP software, and only when the software is used with hardware that is included in HP-specified configurations.A version is defined as a release of a software product that contains new features, enhancements, and maintenance updates.

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If you know the current status of the valuation (e.g.

If you know the loan reference or customer name for the valuation, select the appropriate field in the second drop-down list and enter this data in the text field next to it.

If an upload is unsuccessful, you will receive an appropriate message depending on the cause of the error: The Search function should be used (select the Search tab).

It is useful to print out the valuation summary upon finalising a valuation. For Internet Explorer users, left and right page margins of 2 millimetres are recommended. Three things can prevent a valuers report from being uploaded.

Help with all DCL commands can be found by typing HELP Command.

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