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Just connect Telikin to your high-speed Internet provider and enjoy the experience! Face to face video chat is an exciting experience with Telikin.

With three simple clicks, you can be talking face to face with a loved one or friend!

"You get a great ethnographic snapshot of each person in their own house," she said.

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PC Magazine offers this recent list of its top recommended mapping apps.

So pick your poison: Google Maps, Mapquest and Apple Maps are the biggies. We know some Angelenos who won't leave home without checking their route on WAZE first.

What better way to do it than put a live person in front of them? She saw her 13-year-old daughter using video chat on a vacation out West, talking with her friends back East, and decided she had to apply it to market research. Geltman, who uses Oo Voo, which allows recording as well as up to six people on camera at one time, believes people are more comfortable and honest, as well as more accessible, in video-chat market research.

Time-crunched professionals, a desirable demographic for marketers, are more likely to video chat than drive to a focus-group location, for instance, and she can combine people from across the country into one group.

In the internet realm, the video-calling has risen modestly from 20% of internet users in April 2009 to 23% of internet users in the summer 2010 survey.

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