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Likewise, Verizon is also pre-loading a few apps on the Pixel, although it does sound like you’ll be able to uninstall most of it. A Google spokesperson had the following to say regarding the matter: So the good news here is that Google will still be pushing monthly security updates to all Pixel devices, Verizon models included.

On the other hand, Verizon will be in charge of system updates, aka future versions of Android. The monthly financing options are the same, and that unlocked model still works on Verizon.

In the US, for Verizon / Metro PCS / US Cellular, this feature code is *228 (*ACT).

One of the biggest questions surrounding Google’s Pixel that we’ve noticed people asking about is how its Verizon exclusivity will affect it.

Quite a few Verizon i Phone users are reporting on Twitter and Verizon forums that they’ve received dialog box prompting them to update Carrier Settings.

If you’re one of them and wondering if you should update or ignore it, since it is the first time you’ve seen such a message then here is some information about i Phone Carrier settings.

Users haven’t reported any issue updating the Carrier Settings so it should be safe to update it.

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