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The dynamics of living in community is both challenging and incredibly rewarding, providing each individual the opportunity to express their ideals, leveraged through shared vision and collective intention.

Life on The Farm takes being "green" to the next level, merging the practical applications of permaculture with a lifestyle that is both human centered while striving to be in sync with the natural world.

You can even donate your permed or colored hair as long as it's not damaged.

If you can print the hair donation form from the Locks of Love website, do so. Instead, you may print your name and address on a full size sheet of paper and send it along with the hair to: Locks of Love 234 Southern Blvd.

Locks of Love is perhaps the best known and longest running hair donation charity.

The mission of Locks of Love is to make hair prostheses for financially disadvantaged children who suffer long term hair loss from any illness.

The Farm is located on 1750 acres preserved in a trust in Southern Middle Tennessee.

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