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The AVIC Z-1 addresses the latter by offering a dedicated i Pod interface, which enables those in the car to devolve control of their i Pods to the touch screen while driving.(As usual, we expect there will be howls of disapproval from owners of portable digital music players other than the i Pod, but at the moment it looks like Apple is the only one making the vendor deals.) For our test-bench review of the AVIC Z-1, we got a number of the available add-ons, including the Bluetooth and i Pod adapters.

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Enhanced Voice Guidance The AVIC-Z1 uses a Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine and Tele Atlas phoneme data, which enables the system to pronounce specific street names when warning the driver.

For example, the system will pronounce "turn right on La Jolla Street" with an "H", greatly improving its assistance ability.

It'll Cost You A growing number of i Pod car-integration options is available.

The Pioneer Z1 doesn't come factory-equipped with an i Pod interface; after all, it has a 30GB hard drive, 10GB of which can hold songs you rip from the Z1's internal optical drive.

The next generation of the ultimate in HDD navigation and multimedia is here.

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