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Step 1: Change directory to ZCS folder and execute installation script [[email protected] ~]# cd /backup/ [[email protected] backup]# ls zcs-8.6.0_GA_1153. RHEL7_64.20141215151110[[email protected] backup]# cd zcs-8.6.0_GA_1153. RHEL7_64.20141215151110 [[email protected] zcs-8.6.0_GA_1153. RHEL7_64.20141215151110]# ./--platform-override Do you agree with the terms of the software license agreement? FOUND: NPTL FOUND: nmap-ncat-6.40-4 FOUND: sudo-1.8.6p7-11 FOUND: libidn-1.28-3 FOUND: gmp-5.1.1-5 FOUND: libaio-0.3.109-12 FOUND: libstdc -4.8.2-16 FOUND: unzip-6.0-15 FOUND: perl-core-5.16.3-285 Checking for suggested prerequisites...

Easy to follow howto on setting up a mail server with unlimited users and domains, with IMAP access, anti-spam, anti-virus, secure authentication, encrypted traffic, web mail interface and more.

Section A - General Terms and Conditions applicable to all Easily Services Section B - Domain Registration Services Section C - E-Mail Services Section D - Hosting Services Section E - Website Builder Services Section F - e Shop Services Section G - SSL Certificate Services Section H - Search Engine Submission Services Section I - Affiliates Program Section J - Cancellation Policy and Form Section K - Acceptable Use Policy Section L - Privacy Policy Section M - Cookie Policy 1.1 These General Terms and Conditions, together with the Service Terms applicable to the Services ordered by the person identified in the Order (You, Your), govern the Services provided by Easily Limited (Easily, Our, We), to You.

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You are also welcome to browse our code repository.

Squirrel Mail Webmail The "stable version" is our official stable release to which only bugfixes and minor feature improvements are made.

If this howto was exceptionally useful why not donate me some beer money? Please see software links appendix for further information about these software packages.

Squirrel Mail Downloads Several different packages are available for download on this page including a few different versions of Squirrel Mail Webmail, Squirrel Mail IMAP Proxy, and packages that facilitate presenting Squirrel Mail Webmail to your users in many different languages.

3.2 Easily shall provide you with access to Your Account and the Website to place Orders and generally receive the Services, however Easily cannot guarantee that access to Your Account and the Website will be available and/or uninterrupted.

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