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Formatting your disk and installing from the Slackware boot medium, and an hour later you could already be back in business. Simple - you will be upgrading potentially hundreds of packages and should be prepared for the unlikely event that your computer does not work properly anymore after a system upgrade.

One thing you don't want to get hit by is a system which does not boot at all.

Package version suggested are those provided for the Slackware 12.* or is the minimum version tested: $ ./configure --with-denoise-level=3 --enable-optimize --enable-verbose --enable-geoip --enable-wxcas --enable-amule-gui --enable-amulecmd --enable-amule-daemon --enable-alc --enable-alcc --enable-cas --disable-debug --enable-ccache --enable-webserver Even better, you can use checkinstall or read up on how to properly make Slackware packages on

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These desktops utilize eudev, udisks, and udisks2, and many of the specifications from which allow the system administrator to grant use of various hardware devices according to users' group membership so that they will be able to use items such as USB flash sticks, USB cameras that appear like USB storage, portable hard drives, CD and DVD media, MP3 players, and more, all without requiring sudo, the mount or umount command. Slackware's desktop should be suitable for any level of Linux experience.

Slackware uses the 4.4.14 kernel bringing you advanced performance features such as journaling filesystems, SCSI and ATA RAID volume support, SATA support, Software RAID, LVM (the Logical Volume Manager), and encrypted filesystems.

NOTE: you will need super-user (usually root) access to complete a Mule install/uninstallation/update, also consider using checkinstall installed to manage packages.

In order to compile a Mule 2.2.* on Slackware 12.* you need the following packages.

A new Slackware release may install a kernel that refuses to boot your computer (small chance but nevertheless… For that reason, you need to keep your “old” working kernel installed, and keep a section for it in your file.

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