Updating my zune

Zune also provided music streaming for United Airlines inflight after a partnership in 2010.

The Zune hardware players were discontinued in October 2011.

updating my zune-90

Because it is such an old piece of software (I think but I'm really not sure) I just don't know if i will survive the upgrade.

It isn't listed as an app that's likely to cause issues in the get Windows 10 app on my PC, so really I just want to know if that'll guarantee it's survival.

Just like your computer’s hardware and software, you want to keep your other geeky gadgets updated as well.

This will help the device run more smoothly, and sometimes add additional functionality.

In June 2012, Microsoft announced plans to discontinue all "Zune" services; instead Microsoft would distribute its digital media content and services under the Xbox Music and Xbox Video brands available on its line of products including Windows 8 PCs and tablets, Xbox 360 game console, and Windows Phone smart phones.

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