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Are the Garmin Nuvi GPS systems loaded with Hawaii street maps.

updating my garmin 260-56updating my garmin 260-24

I went in to a city (Norwich UK) and it never gave me any Traffic, junction pictures or lane assist on any junction at all which was the reason I brought the Garmin I am thinking of sending my 3490 back and keeping my snooper it does more than the Garmin The problem i found with the Android app is that you need to have data switched on.

Unless you have a large or unlimited amount of data allowance it can be very costly, especially when travelling in other countries I've been using Nuvi which is free of charge, you can download and install the maps and it works fine without using up any data.

So if you're in India, and own a Garmin device, find your way around the country with Mapmy India maps.

The Mapmy India maps for Garmin are compatible with ALL NUVI SERIES of Garmin devices.

Hi, Don't know if this is old news, but I recently purchased map update software for life of unit. You can already buy new GPS with new maps under $100.00, 3.

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