Updating lg vx 9800

If something doesn't make sense to me, I either want to be able to change it or I'll be grumpy.

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Free bitpim software is available for synching to PC via bluetooth or seperate purchased USB cable.mini-SD Memory card is a great idea. Some are retro, but I grew up in the 80's and appreciate centipede, digdug, etc. Even with only one signal bar of four I can have a conversation in my living room without losing connection.

I've got an SD reader built-in to my laptop so things whould work even faster than via USB cable, as soon as I get new phone firmware for my 1GB flash card. My sister's phone from another provider whos name I forget often sounds like she's talking underwater and gets disconnected a lot as well.

I can't yet comment on the mp3 player as I only today got a flash card and can't use it until I get the rev V02 firmware update since this is a 1gig card.

:/Pros: Full keyboard is convenient for typing in names to address book, and I imagine it;s also great for text messaging, though I don't expect to do much texting.

OK, I'm a cellphone newbie, this is my first and only have had it for 3 days now. I don't like having to wander around in tons of menues to get at what I want, and that's why I don't like emacs or MS Windows.

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