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I use an Update boolean variable to tell me if the information on the WPF window is to update, or to add.

If the update is true, then the information in the WPF window is to be updated.

Here, we will see how to update a single Student entity (not entity graph). In this way, we can easily update a single entity using DBContext in the disconnected mode. Entry method returns an instance of DBEntity Entry for a specified Entity.

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The accept button will have code to direct the appropriate call like this: The Database Commands methods are located in my cs file as this is a good place to put my general code (personal preference). If there is an SQL error of some sort, the program will open a messagebox and explain the error.

You could just have easily created a new folder in the project and put the classes there. The exception may be caused be an illegal constraint.

Now the next step if we are going to populate the Drop Down List with the list of customers and populate the form with the customers information based on the customer ID selected from the Drop Down List.

Here are the code blocks below: In this step I will not elaborate more on details because I have already demonstrated this in my previous example here.

, which you can then use to create a query using LINQ to Entities.

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