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updating glib-82

Please review the licenses if you are considering using Tag Lib in your project.

There is some general information about the motivation and workings of Tag Lib that can be found in the API documentation.

If this presents any special difficulties, please send an email to our support email. UNIX Packages offers under paid subscription, the following list of packages in Bold at the version specified for this version of Solaris. However, popular packages are updated frequently and by subscriber request, more up to date packages may be also be present for other versions of Solaris. Primarily this is useful to exchange tapes with VAX/VMS which makes this kind of tape by default.

Package names that are non-bold and/or with no version number, are not currently available for this version of Solaris. ascii 3.14 | Ascii is a utility that recognizes many different ways of naming an ASCII character (hex octal binary decimal C escape ISO character table pair slang names and others) and prints out all the equivalents.

Please, for all questions related to Tag Lib and / or patches use the development list.

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