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Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

Box Firmware) Frys - FR-300RTR (Frys Firmware) Fujian Starnet - AR800V v3 (BSNL Firmware) Fujitel - FCC-W541R (Fujitel Firmware) Gembird - IS-BR41 (Gembird Firmware) Gembird - NSW-R2 (Gembird Firmware) Gemtek - WIXFMM-109 (Wi-Tribe Firmware) Generic - 4-Port 802.11g 54Mbps (Check Router Pic) Gennet - Oxy GEN IAD (Gennet Firmware) Gennet - RFA1400W (Gennet Firmware) Get Net - GA-121A (Get Net Firmware) Get Net - GR-124W (Get Net Firmware) Get Net - GR-154 (Get Net Firmware) Get Net - GR-724W (Get Net Firmware) Gigabyte - GN-B41G (Gigabyte Firmware) Gigabyte - GN-BR01G (Gigabyte Firmware) Gigabyte - GN-BR33V-RH (Gigabyte Firmware) Gi Link (Gi Link Firmware) Global Tronic - GTR 2401KP (Global Tronic Firmware) Global Tronic - GTR-5821RB (Global Tronic Firmware) Gmesh - GM-301 (Gmesh Firmware) Gnet - IP0006 (Gnet Firmware) Gold tel - F47-us (VNPT Firmware) Gold tel - VINACOM (VNPT Firmware) Gold tel - VINACOM JSC (VNPT Firmware) Good M - GRP-H001N (Good M Firmware) Gothan - GWR-100 (Gothan Portuguese Firmware) Greatek - WR-2500N (Greatek Portuguese Firmware) Green Packet - DV-230 (Green Packet Firmware) Green Packet - DV-235 (Digicel Firmware) Green Packet - DV-250 (Green Packet Firmware) Green Packet - WDX Wi MAX Indoor Tower (Green Packet Firmware) Green Packet - WIXFMR-108 (Green Packet Firmware) Greyfox - F7559 (Greyfox Firmware) GTS - Telecom (GTS Firmware) Haltel - HTN-5200 (Haltel Firmware) Hama - Wireless Lan Router 54 Mbps (Hama Firmware) Hame - HM-432R (Hame Firmware) Hamlet - HNW300AP (Hamlet Firmware) Hamlet - HNWS254 (Hamlet Firmware) Hamlet - HRDSL108W (Hamlet Firmware) Hamlet - HRDSL300N (Hamlet Firmware) Hamlet - HRDSL512P4 (Hamlet Firmware) Hamlet - HRDSL512W_R (Hamlet Firmware) Hamlet - HRDSL5400W (Hamlet Firmware) Hatari - HW-AA101 (Trend Chip Firmware) Hawking - HWR54G (Hawking Firmware) Hayes - 15810 (Hayes Firmware) Hexa Byte - W8901G (Hexa Byte Firmware) Hfcl - ADSL (Hfcl Firmware) HFCL - T28Z2 (HFCL Firmware) Hitron Technologies - BVW-3653 (Hitron Firmware) Hitron Technologies - BVW-3653 (Zon Firmware) Hitron Technologies - BWA-35302 (Hitron Firmware) Hitron Technologies - CDE-30364 (Hitron Spanish Firmware) Hitron Technologies - CGN2-ROG (Hitron Firmware) Hitron Technologies - CVE-30360 (Hitron German Firmware) Hitron Technologies - CVE-30360 (Hitron Spanish Firmware) Hitron Technologies - CVE-30360 (Zon Firmware) Homeline - HLA-BR1000 (Homeline Firmware) Homeline - HLA-WR3000 (Homeline Firmware) Hong Kong Broadband - I-020G-P (Hong Kong Broadband Firmware) Hotline - DX-R204A (Hotline Firmware) Huawei - B153 (3Web Cube German Firmware) Huawei - B183 (3Web Cube Italian Firmware) Huawei - B200 (Globe Broadband Firmware) Huawei - B200 (Sun Broadband Firmware) Huawei - B2000 (Vodafone German Firmware) Huawei - B260a (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - B260a (Huawei German Firmware) Huawei - B260a (Orange Spanish Firmware) Huawei - B560 (Orange Firmware) Huawei - B593 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - B593 (Zain Firmware) Huawei - B593u (Huawei Danish Firmware) Huawei - B593u-12 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - B593U-91 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - B660 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - B681-24 (STC Firmware) Huawei - B683 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - B933 (Globe Broad Band Firmware) Huawei - B933 (Smart Bro Firmware) Huawei - BM622i (Globe Broad Band Firmware) Huawei - BM623M (Broadband @ Home Firmware) Huawei - BM626e (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - BM632w (MTN Firmware) Huawei - BM636e (Zain Firmware) Huawei - BM652w (Blueline Firmware) Huawei - BM652w (Nawras Firmware) Huawei - D100 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - D100T (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - E5172 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - E5172 (STC Firmware) Huawei - E5172s-920 (STC Firmware) Huawei - E5172s-927 (STC Firmware) Huawei - E5220 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - E5220 (Huawei Portuguese Firmware) Huawei - E5331 (TIM Italian Firmware) Huawei - E5331 (Wind Firmware) Huawei - E5372 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - E5756s-2 (Webpocket Italian Firmware) Huawei - E5830 (Oman Mobile Firmware) Huawei - E5830S (Zain Firmware) Huawei - E5832 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - E5832 (Net Com Firmware) Huawei - E583C (Optus Firmware) Huawei - E585 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - E586 (O2 Firmware) Huawei - E589 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - E8238 (3Web Cube Italian Firmware) Huawei - E960 (Etisalat Firmware) Huawei - E960 (STC Firmware) Huawei - EC315 (Wingle Firmware) Huawei - EC506 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life BM621 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life BM622 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life BM625 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life BM631a (Modinnet Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life BM635 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life BM635 (Zain Firmware) Huawei - Echolife HG510 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echolife HG510 (Romania Tel Firmware) Huawei - Echolife HG510 (Serbian Telekom Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG510a (PTCL Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG510a (VNPT Firmware) Huawei - Echolife HG520 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG520b (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG520b (TE Data Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG520b (TT Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG520c (Oman Tel Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG520c (Open Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG520c (Telmex Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG520c (Vodafone Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG520i (To2Proxy Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG520s (Saudi Telecom Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG520s (STC Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG520s (Telekom Srbija Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG520s (TT Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG520v (Huawei Turkish Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG521 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG521 (TTNet Turkish Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG521C (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG532 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG532b (STC Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG532c (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG552a1 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echolife HG553 (Vodafone Italian Firmware) Huawei - Echolife HG556a (Vodafone Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG622U (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG655D (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG8245T (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG851 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Echo Life HG866 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - GL01P (Emobile Firmware) Huawei - GL06P (Emobile Firmware) Huawei - Globe Surfer II (Virgin Broadband Firmware) Huawei - HBI 200 (Nawras Firmware) Huawei - HG231f (Etisalat Firmware) Huawei - HG253s (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - HG265s (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - HG523a (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - HG530 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - HG530 (Infinitum Spanish Firmware) Huawei - HG530 (OTE Firmware) Huawei - HG530 (Telmex Spanish Firmware) Huawei - HG532e (Infinitum Spanish Firmware) Huawei - HG532e (Open Firmware) Huawei - HG532s (CNT Firmware) Huawei - HG533 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - HG552a (Vodafone Firmware) Huawei - HG552d (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - HG556a (Vodafone Firmware) Huawei - HG556a (Vodafone Spanish Firmware) Huawei - HG655b (Home Broadband Firmware) Huawei - HG655b (Romtelecom Firmware) Huawei - HG655d (Huawei Dutch Firmware) Huawei - HG658 (Romtelecom Firmware) Huawei - HG658b (STC Firmware) Huawei - HG658c (Vodafone Firmware) Huawei - HG8240 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - HG8245 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - HG8245T (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - HG8247 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - HG8345 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Quidway WA1003A (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT800 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT820 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT841 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT880 (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT880 (Triple-T Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT880 (Version E.37 Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT880a (GVT Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT880a (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT880a (Vodafone Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT882 (Arnet Spanish Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT882 (Can TV Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT882 (Jazz Tel Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT882 (Opal Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT882 (Romania Tel Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT882 (Srpske Tel Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT882a (FAWRI Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT882a (Huawei Firmware) Huawei - Smart AX MT882a (Viettel Firmware) iball Baton - i B-LR6111A (iball Baton Firmware) iball Baton - i B-WRA150N (iball Baton Firmware) iball Baton - i B-WRX150N (iball Baton Firmware) iball Baton - i B-WRX150NE (iball Baton Firmware) Icidu - NI-707502 (Icidu Firmware) Icidu - NI-707513 (Icidu Firmware) Icidu - NI-707517 (Icidu Firmware) Icidu - NI-707521 (Icidu Firmware) Icidu - NI-707534 (Icidu Firmware) Icomm - Icomm 610 (BSNL Firmware) Icotera - IGW2000 (Icotera Firmware) Idream - ADSL2/2 (Idream Firmware) i Gate - 400FEW (i Gate Firmware) iinet - Bo BLite 1300 (iinet Firmware) iinet - Bo BLite 1518 (iinet Firmware) i Micro - NT-WR54M (i Micro Firmware) Inca - AMX-CA84R (Conexant Firmware) Inexq - ISO50T (Inexq Firmware) Info Mark - IMW-C620W (Info Mark Firmware) Innacomm - W3100 (Innacomm Firmware) Innacomm - W3100 (TM Firmware) Innacomm - W3400v (TM Firmware) Innacomm - W7100N (Innacomm Firmware) Intelbras - GKM 1200 E (Intelbras Firmware) Intelbras - GKM 1210 Q (Intelbras Portuguese Firmware) Intelbras - GKM 1220 (Intelbras Firmware) Intelbras - GWM 2420 N (Intelbras Firmware) Intelbras - GWM1420Q (Intelbras Portuguese Firmware) Intelbras - WIG 240 (Intelbras Portuguese Firmware) Intelbras - WIN 240 (Intelbras Portuguese Firmware) Intelbras - WRG 140 E (Intelbras Portuguese Firmware) Intelbras - WRG 240 E (Intelbras Portuguese Firmware) Intelbras - WRH 241 (Intelbras Portuguese Firmware) Intelbras - WRN 140 ( Intelbras Portuguese Firmware) Intelbras - WRN 240 (Intelbras Portuguese Firmware) Intelbras - WRN 240 E (Intelbras Portuguese Firmware) Intelbras - WRN 340 ( Intelbras Portuguese Firmware) Intelbras - WRS 240 E (Intelbras Portuguese Firmware) Intellinet - 502207 (Intellinet Firmware) Intellinet - 502566 (Intellinet Firmware) Intellinet - 523431 (Intellinet Firmware) Intellinet - 523455 (Intellinet Firmware) Intellinet - 524445 (Intellinet Firmware) Intellinet - 524681 (Intellinet Firmware) Intellinet - 524780 (Intellinet Firmware) Intellinet - 524872 (Intellinet Firmware) Inteno - DG150 (Inteno Firmware) Inteno - EG101 (Inteno Firmware) Inteno - FG500 (Inteno Firmware) Inteno - X5668 (Inteno Firmware) Inteno - X5668B (Inteno Firmware) Intercross - 5633 ICx DSL E (Webstream Firmware) Intercross - 5633 ICx DSL NE-02 (Uhtepkpocc Firmware) Intercross - x DSL 5633 E (Uhtepkpocc Firmware) Intracom - Jet Speed IAD-Wp2 (Intracom Firmware) Intracom - Jet Speed IAD-WP3 (Telekom Srbija Firmware) Intracom - Net Faster IAD (Intracom Firmware) Intracom - Net Faster IAD 2 (Intracom Firmware) Intracom - Net Faster WLAN (Intracom Firmware) Inventel - DV4210-WA (Livebox French Firmware) Inventel - DV4210-WS (Livebox Firmware) IP-Com - R402 (IP-Com Chinese Firmware) IP-Com - W641R (IP-Com Chinese Firmware) IPLink - IP-WDL-54R (IP-Link Firmware) IPLink - IP-WDL-RT1T1R (IP-Link Firmware) ip Time - G100R (ip Time Firmware) ip Time - IP0803 (ip Time Firmware) ip Time - N604M (ip Time Korean Firmware) ip Time - VEV (ip Time Firmware) Iskratel - SI2000 Callisto821 (Iskratel Firmware) Iskratel - Sinope568 R3 (Iskratel Firmware) ITI - DNA-1051 (MTNL Firmware) ITI - DNA-A201BEI (BSNL Firmware) ITI - DNA-A211-1 (BSNL Firmware) Jensen Scandinavia - Air:link 1000G (Jensen Scandinavia Firmware) Jensen Scandinavia - Air:link 2954 (Jensen Scandinavia Firmware) Jensen Scandinavia - Air:link 3000DG (Jensen Scandinavia Firmware) Jensen Scandinavia - Air:link 3G (Jensen Scandinavia Firmware) Jensen Scandinavia - Air:link 59300 (Jensen Scandinavia Firmware) Jensen Scandinavia - Air:link 89300 (Jensen Scandinavia Firmware) Jensen Scandinavia - Broadband Router 2 (Jensen Scandinavia Firmware) Jensen Scandinavia - Web:link 39300 (Jensen Scandinavia Firmware) Jnet - JN-DS5400 (Jnet Firmware) Jnet - JN-WRT54G (Jnet Firmware) Kaiomy - 150APR-4p (Kaiomy Firmware) Kaiomy - 4PWN2 (Kaiomy Firmware) Kaiomy - 550B-4P (Kaiomy Firmware) Kaiomy - 550B-4P2 (Kaiomy Firmware) Kaiomy - APR-4P (Kaiomy Firmware) Kaiomy - APR-4P2 (Kaiomy Firmware) Kaiomy - Power 150TX2R (Kaiomy Firmware) Kasda - KD318MUI (Kasda Firmware) Kasda - KW5802H (Kasda Firmware) Kasda - KW5815 (Kasda Firmware) Kasda - T-KD 318-MI (MTNL Firmware) Kasda - V2Plus (Kasda Firmware) KCORP - KLG-575 (KCORP Firmware) KCORP - KLS-575 (KCORP Firmware) KCORP - KLS-5810 (KCORP Firmware) Keebox - W150NR (Keebox Firmware) Keyteck - NET-25GSU (Keyteck Firmware) Kobishi - 8K (Kobishi Firmware) Kodama - KOD-770 (Kodama Firmware) Konig - CMP-ROUTER12 (Konig Firmware) Konig - CMP-WNROUT10 (Konig Firmware) Konig - CMP-WNROUT20 (Konig Firmware) Konig - CMP-WNROUT30 (Konig Firmware) Kozumi - K-1550NR (Kozumi Firmware) Kozumi - K-5400GR (Kozumi Firmware) Kozumi - KM400WG (Kozumi Firmware) Kozumi - KM-410WG (Kozumi Firmware) Kozumi - KR-403P (Kozumi Firmware) Kraun - 2T2R (Kraun Firmware) Kraun - Kr.1W (Kraun Firmware) Kraun - Kr.

YL (Kraun Firmware) Krazer - KR-WAP254G (Krazer Portuguese Firmware) Kyocera - KR2 (Kyocera Firmware)Lafalink - DS114W (Ja Web French Firmware) Lanpro - LP-5420G (Lanpro Firmware) Lantech - AR-2000 (Conexant Firmware) Leadership - 3342 (Leadership Firmware) Leo Link - LEO-6100DL (Leo Link Firmware) Leo Link - LEO-W8401DL (Leo Link Firmware) Levelone - FBR-1161A (Levelone Firmware) Levelone - FBR-1418TX (Levelone Firmware) Levelone - FBR-1461A (Levelone Firmware) Levelone - WBR-3405TX (Levelone Firmware) Levelone - WBR-3406TX (Levelone Firmware) Levelone - WBR-3408 (Levelone Firmware) Levelone - WBR-3418 (Levelone Firmware) Levelone - WBR-3601 (Levelone Firmware) Levelone - WBR-3800 (Levelone Firmware) Levelone - WBR-6000 (Levelone Firmware) Levelone - WBR-6001 (Levelone Firmware) Levelone - WBR-6002 (Levelone Portuguese Firmware) Levelone - WBR-6003 (Levelone Firmware) Levelone - WBR-6012 (Levelone Firmware) Levelone - WBR-6022 (Levelone Firmware) Levelone - WBR-6601 (Levelone Firmware) Leviton - GB4 (Leviton Firmware) LG - LAM400R (LG Firmware) LG-Ericsson - WBR-3020 (LG-Ericsson Firmware) LG-Nortel - LNAR-1000 (LG-Nortel Firmware) Link Net - LW-N605R (Link Net Firmware) Linkpro - A2WR-430A (Linkpro Firmware) Linkskey - LKR-604 (Linkskey Firmware) Linksys - AG241 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - AM200 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - AM300 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - BEFSR11 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - BEFSR41 (Linksys v1 Firmware) Linksys - BEFSR41 (Linksys v2 Firmware) Linksys - BEFSR41 v3 (Linksys v1 Firmware) Linksys - BEFSR41 v4 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - BEFSR81 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - BEFSRU31 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - BEFSX41 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - BEFVP41 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - BEFW11S4 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - E1000 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - E1200 (Linksys v1 Firmware) Linksys - E1200 (Linksys v2 Firmware) Linksys - E1200 (Linksys v2 French Firmware) Linksys - E1500 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - E1550 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - E2000 (Linksys Dutch Firmware) Linksys - E2000 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - E2100L (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - E2500 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - E3000 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - E3200 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - E4200 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - E900 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - EA2700 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - EA3500 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - EA4500 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - NR041 (Network Everywhere Firmware) Linksys - RT31P2 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - RTP300 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - RV042 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - RV082 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - RV110W (Cisco Firmware) Linksys - RVS4000 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - SPA-2100 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - SPA-2102 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - SPA-3102 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - UTA200-TM (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WAG120N (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WAG120N (Linksys Italian Firmware) Linksys - WAG160N (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WAG160N (Linksys Italian Firmware) Linksys - WAG200G (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WAG200G (Linksys Portuguese Firmware) Linksys - WAG300N (Linksys Portuguese Firmware) Linksys - WAG320N (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WAG325N (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WAG354G (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WAG54G2 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WAG54GP2 v2 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WAG54GS (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WCG200 ver.2 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WCG200-CC (Comcast Firmware) Linksys - WRH54G (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRK54G (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRP200 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRP400 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT100 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT110 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT120N (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT150N (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT160N (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT160N v2 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT160N v3 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT300N (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT300N (Talisman Firmware) Linksys - WRT300N v1.1 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT310N (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT320N (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT330N (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT350N (Linksys v1 Firmware) Linksys - WRT350N (Linksys v2 Firmware) Linksys - WRT400N (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT54G (Hyperlite Firmware) Linksys - WRT54G (Linksys v1 Firmware) Linksys - WRT54G (Linksys v2 Firmware) Linksys - WRT54G (Linksys v3 Firmware) Linksys - WRT54G (Linksys v4 Firmware) Linksys - WRT54G (Linksys v8 Firmware) Linksys - WRT54G (Linksys v8.01 Firmware) Linksys - WRT54G (Satori-4.0 Firmware By Sveasoft) Linksys - WRT54G (Talisman Firmware) Linksys - WRT54G2 (Linksys v1.0 Firmware) Linksys - WRT54G2 (Linksys v1.5 Firmware) Linksys - WRT54G3G (Linksys Italian Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GC (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GC (Linksys Italian Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GCv3 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GH (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GL (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GP2A-AT (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GR (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GS (Linksys v1 Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GS (Linksys v2 Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GS (Linksys v4 Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GS (Linksys v7 Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GS v4 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GS v5 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GS v6 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GS2 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT54G-TM (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GX2 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT54GX4 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT55AG (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT600N (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRT610N (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRTP54G (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRTU54G-TM (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRV200 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRV54G (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - WRVS4400N (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - X2000 (Linksys Firmware) Linksys - X3000 (Linksys Dutch Firmware) Linksys - X3500 (Linksys v1 Firmware) Livcom - LRW-1C150 (Livcom Firmware) Logi Link - NR0004 (Logi Link Firmware) Logilink - WL0038 (Logilink Firmware) Loopcomm - LP-8186 (Loopcomm Firmware) Marconi - Telkom ADSL (Marconi Firmware) Maxell - T2RN-2000 (Maxell Spanish Firmware) Maxnet - 530i (Maxnet Firmware) Mecer - WAR25TC (Addon Firmware) Mediacom - M-NTWRN (Mediacom Firmware) Medialink - MWN-WAPR150N (Medialink Firmware) Medialink - MWN-WAPR300N (Medialink Firmware) Meetus - AMT1004 (Meetus Firmware) Mega - 200VWR (Mega Firmware) Meganet - F-18 (Meganet Firmware) Mercury - MW54R (Mercury Chinese Firmware) Microcom - AD 2656 (Microcom Firmware) Microlab - TWL 108R (Microlab Firmware) Micronet - SP3351 (Micronet Firmware) Micronet - SP3361 (Micronet Firmware) Micronet - SP3367A (Micronet Firmware) Micronet - SP3367D (Micronet Firmware) Micronet - SP888B (Micronet Firmware) Micronet - SP916GK (Micronet Firmware) Micronet - SP916NL (Micronet Firmware) Micro NEXT - MNWR540T (Micro NEXT Firmware) Microsoft - MN-100 (Microsoft Firmware) Microsoft - MN-500 (Microsoft Firmware) Microsoft - MN-700 (Microsoft Firmware) Mobistar - FAST3yyy_6C1220 (Mobistar French Firmware) Modecom - Mc-WR22 (Modecom Firmware) Mo Fi Network - MOFI3500-3GN (Mo Fi Network Firmware) Motorola - 3347 (Qwest Firmware) Motorola - CPEi-25150 (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - CPEi-35775 (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - CPEi-775 (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - Cpeo 400 (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - CPEo 450 (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - Netopia 2210-02 (AT&T Firmware) Motorola - Netopia 2241N-VGX (Bell South Firmware) Motorola - Netopia 2241N-VGX (Netopia Firmware) Motorola - Netopia 2247-02 (Eircom Firmware) Motorola - Netopia 2247-62 (Netopia Firmware) Motorola - Netopia 2247-N8 (Netopia Firmware) Motorola - Netopia 2247NWG-VGx (Eircom Firmware) Motorola - Netopia 3346N-VGx (Motorola Italian Firmware) Motorola - Netopia 3347-02 (Netopia Firmware) Motorola - Netopia 3347-02 (Qwest Firmware) Motorola - Netopia 3347NWG-006 (Netopia Firmware) Motorola - Netopia 7347-84 (Motorola German Firmware) Motorola - Netopia 7357-84 (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - Netopia 7357-84 (Motorola German Firmware) Motorola - Netopia 7357-84 (Motorola Italian Firmware) Motorola - Netopia Cayman 3346-006 (Netopia Firmware) Motorola - NVG510 (AT&T Firmware) Motorola - NVG589 (AT&T Firmware) Motorola - SBG6580 (Motorola v3.1 Firmware) Motorola - SBG6580 (Motorola v3.5 Firmware) Motorola - SBG6580 (Motorola v6.5 Firmware) Motorola - SBG6782-AC (Motorola v8.4 Firmware) Motorola - SBG900 (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - SBG901 (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - SBG941 (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - SVG1202 (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - SVG2500 (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - SVG6582 (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - VT2142 (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - VT2442 (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - VT2442 (Vonage Firmware) Motorola - VT2542 (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - WR850G (Motorola Firmware) Motorola - WR850GP (Motorola Firmware) Movistar - NUCOM-R5000UN (Movistar Firmware) Movistar - RTA01N (Movistar Spanish Firmware) MSI - RG300EX Lite (MSI Firmware) MSI - RG54A (MSI Firmware) MSI - RG54GS (MSI Firmware) MSI - RG54GS2 (MSI Firmware) MSI - RG54SE II (MSI Firmware) MSI - RG60G (MSI Firmware) MSI - RG60SE (MSI Firmware) MSI - RG70A (MSI Firmware) MTC - Fast 2804 MTC (MTC Russian Firmware) MT-Link - MT-WR761N (MT-Link Firmware) MTNL - 450TC1 (MTNL Firmware) MTNL - MT882 (MTNL Firmware) MTNL - T-KD 318-EUI (MTNL Firmware) Multilaser - ML-ROT-054 (Multilaser Portuguese Firmware) Multilaser - RE024 (Multilaser Portuguese Firmware) Multilaser - RE027 (Multilaser Portuguese Firmware) Multilaser - RE033 (Multilaser Portuguese Firmware) Multilaser - RE040 (Multilaser Portuguese Firmware) Multilaser - RE047 (Multilaser Portuguese Firmware) Multilaser - RE073 (Multilaser Portuguese Firmware) My Essentials - ME 1004-R (My Essentials Firmware) Mymax - Access Point 54mbps (Mymax Firmware) Mymax - MWR/AP-150M (Mymax Firmware) Mymax - MWR/AP-150M-YIC (Mymax Firmware) Mymax - MWR/AP-150N (Mymax Firmware) Mymax - MWR/AP-54 (Mymax Firmware) Mymax - MWR/WR923-BK (Mymax Firmware) My Tech - Enne Modem Wlan ADSL2 (My Tech Firmware) My Tech - MYDSL12 (My Tech Firmware) Myungmin - MWC-2500PW (Myungmin Firmware) Myungmin - MWC2522W (Wind Telecom Firmware) Nawras - HBI-200 (Nawras Firmware) Neger - Roteador 3G USB Max (Neger Firmware) Neger - Roteador 3G VPN Pro (Neger Firmware) Netcomm - 3G18Wn (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - 3G21WB (Big Pond Firmware) Netcomm - 3G27WV-R (Rogers Firmware) Netcomm - 3G9WB (Big Pond Firmware) Netcomm - N3G001W (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - NB1300 Plus 4 (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - NB14WN (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - NB16WV (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - NB304N (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - NB5 (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - NB5Plus4 (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - NB604N (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - NB6Plus4 (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - NB6Plus4W (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - NB7 (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - NB9WMAXX (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - NP803N (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - NP804N (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - NP805N (Netcomm Firmware) Netcomm - V210P (Netcomm Firmware) Netcore - 2005NR (Netcore Chinese Firmware) Netcore - NW605 Plus (Netcore Firmware) Netcore - NW715P (Netcore Chinese Firmware) Netgear - B90-755025-15 (AT&T Firmware) Netgear - B90-755044-15 (Frontier Firmware) Netgear - CBV734EW (Castlenet English & French Firmware) Netgear - CBVG834G (Darty Box French Firmware) Netgear - CBVG834G (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - CG3000 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - CG3000 (Optus Firmware) Netgear - CG3000D-RG (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - CG3100 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - CG3100D-2 (Bigpong Firmware) Netgear - CG3100-RG (Netgear Spanish Firmware) Netgear - CG3101D (Virgin Media Firmware) Netgear - CG3200 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - CG814GCMR (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - CG814WG (Big Pond Firmware) Netgear - CG814WG (Comcast Firmware) Netgear - CG814WG (Optus Firmware) Netgear - CG814WG v2 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - CG814WG v3 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - CGD24G (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - CGD24N v2 (Big Pond Firmware) Netgear - CVG824G (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - CVG834G (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - D6300 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - D6300 (Netgear Genie v1.0.55 Firmware) Netgear - DG632 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DG824M (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DG834 v3 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DG834 v4 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DG834G v2 (DGTeam Italian Firmware) Netgear - DG834G v2 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DG834G v3 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DG834G v4 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DG834G v5 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DG834G v5 (Netgear Italian Firmware) Netgear - DG834GT (DGTeam v1 Firmware) Netgear - DG834GT (DGTeam v1 Italian Firmware) Netgear - DG834GT (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DG834GU v5 (Optus Firmware) Netgear - DG834GU v5 (Telkom Firmware) Netgear - DG834N v1 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DG834N v2 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DG834PN (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DG934G (Sky Firmware) Netgear - DGN1000 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DGN2000 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DGN2000 (Netgear Italian Firmware) Netgear - DGN2200 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DGN2200 (Netgear Italian Firmware) Netgear - DGN2200 (Optus Firmware) Netgear - DGN2200Mv2 (TELKOM Firmware) Netgear - DGN2200v2 (Bezeq Firmware) Netgear - DGN2200v3 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DGN2200v3 (Netgear Italian Firmware) Netgear - DGN3500 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DGND3300 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DGND3700 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DGND3700v2 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - DM111PSP (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DM111PUSP (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - DSL Gateway Model 7550 (AT&T Firmware) Netgear - EVG2000 (Big Pond Firmware) Netgear - FVG318 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - FVL328 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - FVS114 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - FVS124G (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - FVS318G (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - FVS318N (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - FVS318v3 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - FVS336G (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - FVS338 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - FWG114P (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - JNR3210 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - JWNR2000 (Netgear Russian Firmware) Netgear - MBR1210 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - MBR1515L (Verizon Firmware) Netgear - MR814 v2 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - MR814 v3 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - MVBR1210C (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - Nighthawk R7000 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - R0318 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - R6200 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - R6300 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - R7000 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - RP114 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - RP614 v1 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - RP614 v2 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - RP614 v3 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - RP614 v4 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - RP614 v4 (Netgear German Firmware) Netgear - RT314 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - SRXN3205 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - UTM50 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - VMDG280 (Virgin Media Firmware) Netgear - VMDG480 (Virgin Media Firmware) Netgear - VMDG840 (Virgin Media Firmware) Netgear - VVG2000 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WGR612 (Netgear Spanish Firmware) Netgear - WGR613VAL (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WGR614 v10 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WGR614 v10 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - WGR614 v4 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WGR614 v5 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WGR614 v6 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WGR614 v7 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WGR614 v8 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WGR614 v9 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WGT624 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WGT624 v2 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WGT624 v3 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WGT624 v4 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WGT634U (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WGU624 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNDR3300 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNDR3400 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNDR3400v2 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - WNDR3400v3 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - WNDR3400v3 (Netgear Genie French Firmware) Netgear - WNDR3700 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNDR3700 (Netgear N600 Firmware) Netgear - WNDR3700 v2 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNDR3700v3 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - WNDR3700v4 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - WNDR3800 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNDR4000 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNDR4300 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - WNDR4500 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - WNDRMAC (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNR1000 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNR1000v2 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNR1000v2 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - WNR1000v3 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNR1000v3 (Netgear Genie Spanish Firmware) Netgear - WNR2000 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNR2000v2 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNR2000v3 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNR2000v3 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - WNR2000v4 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - WNR2200 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNR3500 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNR3500 v2 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNR3500L (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNR612v2 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNR612v3 (Netgear Genie Firmware) Netgear - WNR834B v2 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNR834M (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WNR854T (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WPN824 v1 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WPN824 v2 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WPN824 v3 (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WPN824N (Netgear Firmware) Netgear - WPNT834 (Netgear Firmware) Netia - Spot (Netia Firmware) Netis - DL4304 (Realtek Firmware) Netis - WF-2402 (Netis Firmware) Netis - WF-2404 (Netis Firmware) Netis - WF-2411 (Netis Firmware) Netmaster - CBW-700V (Netmaster Turkish Firmware) Netmaster - WDS-540 (Netmaster Turkish Firmware) Netopia - 2210-02 (AT&T Firmware) Netopia - 2241N-VGX (Bell South Firmware) Netopia - 2241N-VGX (Netopia Firmware) Netopia - 2247-02 (Eircom Firmware) Netopia - 2247-62 (Netopia Firmware) Netopia - 2247-N8 (Netopia Firmware) Netopia - 2247NWG-VGx (Eircom Firmware) Netopia - 3346N-VGx (Motorola Italian Firmware) Netopia - 3347-02 (Netopia Firmware) Netopia - 3347-02 (Qwest Firmware) Netopia - 3347NWG-006 (Netopia Firmware) Netopia - 7347-84 (Motorola German Firmware) Netopia - 7357-84 (Motorola Firmware) Netopia - 7357-84 (Motorola German Firmware) Netopia - 7357-84 (Motorola Italian Firmware) Netopia - Cayman 3346-006 (Netopia Firmware) Netwjork - TWL542R (Netwjork Firmware) Network Everywhere - NWR04B (Network Everywhere Firmware) Network Everywhere - NWR11B (Network Everywhere Firmware) Neufbox - NB4-SER-R2 (Neufbox Firmware) Neufbox - NB6-SER-R0 (Neufbox French Firmware) Nexian - RE251 (Nexian Firmware) Nexxt Solutions - ARN02304U1 (Nexxt Firmware) Nexxt Solutions - Nebula 150 (Nexxt Firmware) Nexxt Solutions - NW230NXT14 (Nexxt Firmware) Nexxt Solutions - Solaris 300 (Nexxt Firmware) Nilox - 16NX080112001 (Nilox Firmware) Nisuta - WIR150N (Nisuta Firmware) n Link - Router 1 Port Wifi v2 (n Link Firmware) Noganet - KN-WR710 (Noganet Firmware) Noganet - NG-100I (Noganet Firmware) Noganet - NG-1060S (Noganet Firmware) Noganet - NG-150D (Noganet Firmware) Noganet - NG-150N (Noganet Firmware) Noganet - NG-R2504P (Noganet Firmware) Noganet - TEI-6608 (Noganet Firmware) Nokia Siemens Networks - 1600 (BSNL Firmware) Novatel - T1114 (Verizon Firmware) Nu Com - R5000UNV2 (Nu Com Firmware) O2 - Box 6431 (O2 German Firmware) Observa Telecom - AW4062 (Tecom Firmware) Observa Telecom - BHS-RTA (Observa Telecom Firmware) Ocom - ONU 6652 (Ocom Firmware) Oiwtech - oiw-2401apg (Oiwtech Portuguese Firmware) Oiwtech - oiw-2421apg (Oiwtech Portuguese Firmware) Oiwtech - OIW-2431APGN (Oiwtech Portuguese Firmware) Olidata - Modem ADSL Router (Globespan Virata Firmware) Olitec - ADSL SX200 (Olitec French Firmware) Onda - EM4218 (DN7000 Firmware) Onda - FD01 (Onda Italian Firmware) Onda - PN51T (TIM Italian Firmware) Onda - PN80T (Onda Italian Firmware) Onda - PN80T (TIM Firmware) Onlime - UR-315BN (Onlime Russian Firmware) OPEN - i Connect 625W (OPEN Firmware) OPEN - i Connect Access 611 (OPEN Firmware) OPEN - i Connect Access 621 (OPEN Firmware) OPEN - i Connect Access 624 (OPEN Firmware) Option - Globe Surfer 3G HASDPA (Option Firmware) Option - Globe Surfer II (T-Mobile Firmware) Option - Globe Surfer III (Option Firmware) Orange - Brightbox (Astoria Networks Firmware) Orange - Livebox Play (Orange Firmware) Orcon - Genius lite (Orcon Firmware) Orient - WR514V1 (Orient Firmware) Origo - ASR-8400 (Origo Firmware) Origo - WLL-3810 (Origo Firmware) Ovis Link - EVO-W300AR (Ovis Link Firmware) Ovis Link - EVO-W301AR (Ovis Link Firmware) Ovis Link - EVO-W54ARv2 (Ovis Link Firmware) Ovis Link - EVO-WR54ADSLv2 (Ovis Link French Firmware) Ovis Link - OV504WB (Ovis Link Firmware) Ovis Link - WL-5460AP V2 (Airlive Firmware) P1 - DS-300 (P1 Firmware) Pace - 1000HG (2Wire Firmware) Pace - 1000SW (SBC Firmware) Pace - 1700HW (Bell South Firmware) Pace - 1701HG (2Wire Firmware) Pace - 1800HG (SBC Firmware) Pace - 2071 (Prodigy Firmware) Pace - 2071-A (Big Pond Firmware) Pace - 2700HG-D (Qwest Firmware) Pace - 2700HG-E (Telus Firmware) Pace - 2700HG-R (PRT Firmware) Pace - 2700HG-S (2Wire Firmware) Pace - 2700HGV-B (Sasktel Firmware) Pace - 2700HGV-B2 (Sasktel Firmware) Pace - 2701HG-B (AT&T Firmware) Pace - 2701HG-B (SBC Firmware) Pace - 2701HG-D (Qwest Firmware) Pace - 2701HG-G (Bell Firmware) Pace - 2701HG-G (Bell French Firmware) Pace - 2701HG-G (Bell v6 Firmware) Pace - 2701HG-S (Embarq Firmware) Pace - 2701HG-S (Sask Tel Firmware) Pace - 2701HG-T (Infinitum Spanish Firmware) Pace - 2701HG-T (Prodigy Firmware) Pace - 2701HG-T (Qwest Firmware) Pace - 2701HGV-B (AT&T v6 Firmware) Pace - 2701HGV-E (Sing Tel Firmware) Pace - 2701HGV-W (Big Pond Firmware) Pace - 3600HGV (AT&T v6 Firmware) Pace - 3800HGV-B (AT&T Firmware) Pace - 3800HGV-B (AT&T v6 Firmware) Pace - 3800HGV-B (Bell Aliant v6 Firmware) Pace - 3800HGV-B (Sasktel Firmware) Pace - 3801HGV (AT&T v6 Firmware) Pace - 4011G-001 (Infinitum Spanish Firmware) Pace - 4111N (AT&T Firmware) Pace - 4111N (Hawaiian Telcom Firmware) Pace - 5012NV-002 (Singtel Firmware) Pace - 5031NV-030 (AT&T Firmware) Pace - BT2700HGV (BT Firmware) Pace - i3812V (AT&T v6 Firmware) Pacific - PN-R3G (Pacific Firmware) Pacific - PN-R508 (Pacific Firmware) Pacific - PN-RT150M (Pacific Firmware) Pacific - PN-WR542G (Pacific Firmware) Packet Force - RVSG-4014 (Packet Force Firmware) Paradigm - PTI-8411 (BH Telecom Firmware) Parker Vision - WR1500 (Parker Vision Firmware) Parks - Alta Via 671 (Parks Firmware) PCI - BRL-04AX (PCI Firmware) Peak - 802.11b/g Wireless B/Band Router (Peak Firmware) Pentagram - Cerberus ADSL (Pentagram Firmware) Pentagram - Cerberus Lite (Pentagram Firmware) Pentagram - Cerberus P 6311-07A (Pentagram Firmware) Pentagram - Cerberus P 6331-42 (Pentagram Firmware) Pentagram - Cerberus P 6342 (Pentagram Firmware) Pentagram - Cerberus P 6351 (Pentagram Firmware) Pentagram - Cerberus P 6352 (Pentagram Firmware) Pentagram - Cerberus P 6361 (Pentagram Firmware) Pentagram - Cerberus P 6381-2 (Pentagram Firmware) Pepwave - Surf-200 (Pepwave Firmware) Philips - CGA5722 (Philips Firmware) Philips - CGA7740N (Philips Firmware) Philips - CPWBS154 (Philips Firmware) Philips - p2 (Philips Firmware) Philips - SNA6500 (Philips Firmware) Philips - SNA6600-18 (Philips Firmware) Philips - SNB5600 (Philips Firmware) Philips - SNV6520-18 (Philips Firmware) Pikatel - Airmax 101 (Pikatel Turkish Firmware) Pikatel - Combo Max (Pikatel Turkish Firmware) Pin Avid - Wifi 2000 (Pin Avid Firmware) Ping Communication - RGW208EN (Ping Communication Firmware) Pirelli - 6332 4P (Pirelli Firmware) Pirelli - AGE U B (Pirelli Firmware) Pirelli - Alice Gate 2 Plus Wi-Fi (Telecom Italia Firmware) Pirelli - Alice Gate Business (Telecom Italia Firmware) Pirelli - DRG-A112 (Pirelli Firmware) Pirelli - DRG-A115 (Pirelli Firmware) Pirelli - DRG-A124G (Infostrada Firmware) Pirelli - DRG-A125G (Pirelli Firmware) Pirelli - DRG-A125G (Telecom Spanish Firmware) Pirelli - DRG-A223G (Pirelli Portuguese Firmware) Pirelli - DRG-A225G (Pirelli Firmware) Pirelli - DRG-A226G (Pirelli Firmware) Pirelli - DRG-A266G (Pirelli Firmware) Pirelli - Netgate voip v2 (Pirelli Firmware) Pirelli - PDG-A1000G (Pirelli Portuguese Firmware) Pirelli - PDG-A4001N (Telecom Italia Firmware) Pirelli - PRG-AV4202N (Telekom Austria German Firmware) Planet - ADE-3100 (Planet Firmware) Planet - ADE-3400 (Planet Firmware) Planet - ADE-3410 (Planet Firmware) Planet - ADE-3411 (Planet Firmware) Planet - ADE-4100 (Planet Firmware) Planet - ADE-4100A (Planet Firmware) Planet - ADE-4400 (Planet Firmware) Planet - ADN-4000 (Planet Firmware) Planet - ADN-4101 (Planet Firmware) Planet - ADW-4300A (Planet Firmware) Planet - ADW-4302A v2 (Planet Firmware) Planet - ADW-4401 (Planet Firmware) Planet - ADW-4401 (Planet v2 Firmware) Planet - WNRT-617G (Planet Firmware) Planet - WNRT-625G (Planet Firmware) Planet - WRT-414 (Planet Firmware) Planet - WRT-416 (Planet Firmware) Planet - XRT-401D (Planet Firmware) Planet - XRT-401E (Planet Firmware) Pluscom - WR-AR2317 (Pluscom Firmware) Pluscom - WRC-AR2317 (Pluscom Firmware) Portable Router - DM8636R-B (Portable Router Firmware) Postef - 8820U (Postef Firmware) Postef - 8880 (Postef Firmware) Prolink - H5001NS (Tatoo Firmware) Prolink - H5004N (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - H5201 (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - H5204 (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - H5301G (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - H9000 (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - H9200 AV (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - H9300G (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - Hurricane 5200 (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - Hurricane 6300G (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - Hurricane 9000G (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - Hurricane 9200AR (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - Hurricane 9200P (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - Hurricane 9200R (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - Hurricane 9300G (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - Hurricane H5305G (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - PV-WIQ318AM (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - WGR1004 (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - WNR1004 (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - WNR1008 (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - WNR1010 (Prolink Firmware) Prolink - WNR1012 (Prolink Firmware) Proware - MS8-8817 (Viettel Firmware) QPCOM - QP-WR254G (QPCOM Firmware) QTECH - QDSL-1010 (QTECH Firmware) Quanta - Mobily 4G (Quanta Firmware) Qubs - QA705401WG (Qubs Firmware) Ralink - APSo C (Ralink Firmware) Ready Net - WRT300N-DD (Ready Net Firmware) Realtek - CPE (Realtek Firmware) Rede Air - Super Modem 3G (Rede Air Firmware) Repotec - RP-IP2404A (Repotec Firmware) Repotec - RP-IP509 (Repotec Firmware) Retail Plus - RP-NPWL-N1 (Retail Plus Firmware) Retail Plus - RP-NPWL-NRTR (Retail Plus Firmware) Riger - DB102 (Riger Firmware) Riger - DB108-WL (Streamyx Firmware) Rosewill - RNX-Easy N4 (Rosewill Firmware) Rosewill - RNX-GX4 (Rosewill Firmware) Rosewill - RNX-N4PS (Rosewill Firmware) RPC - I35 (RPC Firmware) Ruckus - Media Flex 2825 (Ruckus Firmware) Ryge - WA41R (Ryge Firmware) Ryge Pronets - AR21RU (Ryge Pronets Firmware) Safecom - GWART2-54125 (Safecom Firmware) Safecom - SWBR-5400 (Safecom Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 1201 (Sagem Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 1201 v2 (Optus Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 1704 (Wind Stream Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 2304 (Sky Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 2404 (Sagem Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 2504 (Sky Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 2604 (Ja Web French Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 2604 (Sagem Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 2764 (GVT Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 2804 v7 (Russian Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 2804STC (STC Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 2864 (Bell Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 3102 (Sagem Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 3184 (Hot Box Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 3202 (Livebox English Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 3202 (Livebox French Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 3304 (Media Serv French Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 3304 v2 (Maroc Telecom Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 3464 (Belgacom Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 3464 (Sagem Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 3764 (Sagem Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 3864 v2 (Optus Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 3965B (Bouygues Bbox French Firmware) Sagem - [email protected] 4310 (Live Tim Firmware) Sagem - FAST35XX (TDC Firmware) Sagem - FAST3XXX_6813E4 (Livebox French Firmware) Sagem - FAST3XXX_681420 (Livebox Firmware) Sagem - FAST3XXX_6814AE (Livebox French Firmware) Sagem - FAST3XXX_6814BA (Livebox French Firmware) Sagem - FAST3XXX_6814BC (Livebox French Firmware) Sagem - FAST3XXX_691288 (Livebox Spanish Firmware) Sagem - Livebox 2 (Orange Firmware) Sagem - Livebox 4305 (Livebox Firmware) Sagem - Power Box GVT (GVT Firmware) Sagem - SE567 (Bell Aliant Firmware) Sagem - TDC Home Box ADSL (TDC Firmware) Sagemcom - [email protected] 3764 (Sagemcom Firmware) Samsung - CY-SWR1100 (Samsung Firmware) Samsung - SMT-G7400 (Samsung Dutch Firmware) Samsung - SMT-G7400 (Samsung Firmware) Samsung - SMT-G7400/XEN (Samsung Firmware) Sandberg - N300 (Sandberg Firmware) Sanex - SA-5100 (Sanex Firmware) Sanex - SA-C5210 (Sanex Firmware) Sapido - RB-1232 (Sapido Firmware) Sapido - RB-1632 (Sapido Firmware) SBS - BW554 (SBS Firmware) Scientific Atlanta - DPC2434 (Scientific Atlanta Firmware) Scientific Atlanta - DPR2320R2 (Scientific Atlanta Firmware) Scientific Atlanta - DPR2325R3 (Scientific Atlanta Firmware) Scientific Atlanta - EPC2434 (Scientific Atlanta Firmware) Scientific Atlanta - EPR2320R2 (Scientific Atlanta Firmware) Sem India - DNA-A201SM (MTNL Firmware) Sem India - DNA-A212 (MTNL Firmware) Sem India - DNA-A213 (MTNL Firmware) Seowon Intech - SWC-3000W (Seowon Intech Firmware) Seowon Intech - SWC-5100W (Seowon Intech Firmware) Seowon Intech - SWC-9200 (Seowon Intech Firmware) Serioux - SSR4100 (Serioux Firmware) Seriox - SWR54BGA (Seriox Firmware) Shintek - FAP32168 (Shintek Firmware) Shintek - FMR32111 (Shintek Firmware) Shiro - DSL805E (Shiro Firmware) Shiro - WR54-01 (Shiro Firmware) Siemens - C2110 (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Giga762SX (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset 201 A (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset 204 A (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset 504 AGU (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset 604 IL (Orange Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SE105 (Siemens German Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SE260 (Siemens E9 Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SE260 DSL (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SE261 (VNPT Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SE261 DSL (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SE361 (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SE366 (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SE471 Wi Max (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SE515 (Siemens German Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SE551 (Siemens German Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SE560 (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SE567 (Telus Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SE572 (Orange Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SE587 (Tiscali Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SX551 (Siemens Dutch Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SX551 (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SX552 (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SX682 (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SX686 (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Gigaset SX763 (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - SL2-141 (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Speedstream 4100 (Siemens Portuguese Firmware) Siemens - Speedstream 4101 (Tiscali Firmware) Siemens - Speedstream 4200 (Optus Firmware) Siemens - Speedstream 4200 (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Speedstream 4300 (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Speedstream 5200 (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Speedstream 5200 (Siemens Spanish Firmware) Siemens - Speedstream 5450 (Siemens Firmware) Siemens - Speedstream 6520 (Bell Firmware) Siemens - Speed Stream SE565 (Siemens Firmware) Sierra Wireless - Air Card W801 (Clear Firmware) Sierra Wireless - DC102A (Sierra Wireless Firmware) Sierra Wireless - Raven XE H2225E-WA-W (Sierra Wireless Firmware) Sinope - 568 (Sinope Firmware) Siol - Iskratel Prospero632 (Siol Firmware) Sitecom - DC-202 v2 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - DC-202 v3 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - DC-202 v5 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - DC-202 v6 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - DC-210 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - DC-226 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - DC-227 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - DC-227 v2 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-106 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-108 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-114 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-118 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-122 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-127 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-153 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-154 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-160 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-173 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-174 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-176 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-183 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-303 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-304 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-306 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-308 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-309 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-312 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-322 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-328 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-340 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-341 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-342 (Sitecom Dutch Firmware) Sitecom - WL-346 (Sitecom Spanish Firmware) Sitecom - WL-347 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-348 (Sitecom Italian Firmware) Sitecom - WL-350 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-351 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-354 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-358 (Sitecom Italian Firmware) Sitecom - WL-359 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-363 (Sitecom Italian Firmware) Sitecom - WL-366 (Sitecom Dutch Firmware) Sitecom - WL-368 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-527 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-575 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-577 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-582 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-583 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-597 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-601 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-606 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-606 (Sitecom Italian Firmware) Sitecom - WL-607 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-611 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-611 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-612 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-613 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-614 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WL-906 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WLM-1500 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WLM-2500 (Sitecom German Firmware) Sitecom - WLM-2501 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WLM-3500 (Sitecom Italian Firmware) Sitecom - WLM-3501 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WLM-3550 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WLM-4500 (Sitecom Italian Firmware) Sitecom - WLM-4550 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WLM-5501 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WLM-5600 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WLM-6501 (Sitecom German Firmware) Sitecom - WLR-1000 v2 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WLR-2100 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WLR-4000 (Sitecom Italian Firmware) Sitecom - WLR-4001 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WLR-4100 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WLR-5000 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WLR-6000 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WLR-6100 (Sitecom Firmware) Sitecom - WLR-8100 v1 (Sitecom Firmware) Sky - SR101 (Sky Firmware) SKy Biz - SKY-W273-2T2R (SKy Biz Firmware) Smart Box - CB9702 (Smart Box Russian Firmware) Smart Lan - APRIO150 (Smart Lan Portuguese Firmware) Smartfren - Haier HR950B (Smartfren Firmware) Smart Link - SM-4100 (Smart Link Firmware) Smartnet - PRO-W (Smartnet Turkish Firmware) Smart RG - SR100G (Smart RG Firmware) Smart RG - SR350N (Smart RG Firmware) Smart RG - SR505N (Smart RG Firmware) SMC - Arcor Easybox 400 (Arcor Firmware) SMC - SMC2404WBR (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC2804WBR (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7004ABR (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7004BR (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7004VBR (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7004VBR EU (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7004VWBR (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7204BRA (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7901BRA (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7901BRA4 (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7901BRA5 (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7901WBRA2 (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7904BRA (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7904WBRA (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7904WBRA2 (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7904WBRA4 (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7904WBRA-N (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7908A-ISP (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC7908Vo WBRA2 (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC8013WG-CCR (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC8014W-G (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC8014WG-CCR (Comcast Firmware) SMC - SMC8014WN (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMC8014WN-RES (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMCD3G (Comcast Firmware) SMC - SMCD3GN (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMCD3GNV (Xfinity Firmware) SMC - SMCWBR14-3GN (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMCWBR14-G (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMCWBR14-G2 EU (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMCWBR14-GM (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMCWBR14-N (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMCWBR14-N2 (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMCWBR14S-N2 (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMCWBR14S-N3 (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMCWBR14S-N4 (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMCWBR14T-G (SMC Firmware) SMC - SMCWTVG (SMC Firmware) Sonic WALL - Pro 230 (Sonic WALL Firmware) Sonic WALL - TZ 150 Standard (Sonic WALL Firmware) Sonic WALL - TZ 170 Standard (Sonic WALL Firmware) Sonic WALL - TZ 180 Standard (Sonic WALL Firmware) Sparklan - WMR-102 (Realtek Firmware) Sparklan - WX-6615GT (Sparklan Firmware) Speed Up - SU-8800MBR (Speed Up Firmware) Sphairon - Speedlink 5314 (Sphairon German Firmware) Sphairon - Turbolink-AR860 (Sphairon Firmware) Starbridge - 1531 (Starbridge Firmware) Starbridge - Lynx 524 (Starbridge Firmware) Starbridge - Lynx 526 (Starbridge Firmware) Sterlite - SAM300-AX (Sterlite Firmware) Surecom - 9611SX-GU (Surecom Firmware) Surecom - EP-4704SX-A (Conexant Firmware) Surecom - EP-4904SX (Surecom Firmware) Sweex - LB000020 (Sweex Firmware) Sweex - LB000021 (Sweex Firmware) Sweex - LC000070 (Sweex Firmware) Sweex - LW050v2 (Sweex Firmware) Sweex - LW150 (Sweex Firmware) Sweex - LW160 (Sweex Firmware) Sweex - LW300 (Sweex Firmware) Sweex - LW310V2 (Sweex Firmware) Sweex - NI-707513 (Sweex Firmware) Sweex - RO001 (Sweex Firmware) Sweex - RO003 (Sweex Firmware) Sweex -LW055 (Sweex Firmware) Sweex -MO200 (Sweex Firmware) Sweex -MO201 (Sweex Firmware) Sweex -MO251 (Sweex Firmware) Sweex -MO300 (Sweex Firmware) Symantec - Gateway 320 (Symantec Firmware) Symantec - Gateway 360 (Symantec Firmware) Symphony - 4024 (Symphony Firmware) Symphony -SY602 (Symphony Firmware) Symphony -SY604g (Symphony Firmware) Tamio - Tamio 600 (Tamio Firmware) TCL - A1100E-D3 (TCL Firmware) T-Com - SINUS 1054 DSL (T-Com German Firmware) T-Com - Speedport 500v (T-Com German Firmware) T-Com - Speedport 501v (T-Com German Firmware) T-Com - Speedport W303V (T-Com German Firmware) T-Com - Speedport W502V (T-Com German Firmware) T-Com - Speedport W503V (T-Com German Firmware) T-Com - Speedport W504V (T-Com German Firmware) T-Com - Speedport W700V (T-Com German Firmware) T-Com - Speedport W701V (T-Com German Firmware) T-Com - Speedport W721V (T-Com German Firmware) T-Com - Speedport W722V (T-Com German Firmware) T-Com - Speedport W723V (T-Com German Firmware) TE Data - ZXV10 W300 (TE Data Firmware) Techly - IWLADSL300T (Techly Firmware) Techmade - TM-WA25TD2 (Techmade Firmware) Techmade - TM-WR514R (Techmade Firmware) Techmade - WIRELESS ADSL 2 (Techmade Firmware) Techniclan - WG-54Gv2 (Techniclan Firmware) Technicolor - TC7110B (Technicolor Firmware) Technicolor - TC7200 (UPC Firmware) Technicolor - TC8305C (Xfinity Firmware) Technicolor - TD5130 (Maroc Telecom Firmware) Technicolor - TD5130v2 (Technicolor Firmware) Technicolor - TG582n (O2 Firmware) Technicolor - TG582N (Technicolor Firmware) Technicolor - TG582N (Technicolor Italian Firmware) Technicolor - TG587n v3 (Technicolor Firmware) Technicolor - TG589 v3 (Maroc Telecom Firmware) Technicolor - TG589vn v2 (Technicolor Firmware) Technicolor - TG784N v3 (Technicolor Italian Firmware) Technicolor - TG788Avn (STC Firmware) Technicolor - TG788vn (Technicolor Firmware) Technicolor - TG790 (Verizon Firmware) Technicolor - TG797n v3 (Technicolor Firmware) Technicolor - TG799vn v2 (Technicolor Firmware) Tecom - AH2322W (Tecom Spanish Firmware) Tecom - AR1021 (Tecom Firmware) Tecom - AR1031 (Tecom Firmware) Tecom - AR1061 (Tecom Firmware) Tecom - AW4062 (Tecom Firmware) Tele2 - CPVA502 (Tele2 Firmware) Tele2 - CPVA502 -5 (Tele2 Italian Firmware) Telefonica - Xavi - 7768r (Telefonica Firmware) Telenet - TNDSL 2120 (Telenet Firmware) Telesys - SMT-CW360 (Kulacom Firmware) Tele Well - TW-3G Flash OFDM Router (Tele Well Firmware) Tele Well - TW-3G Router (Tele Well Firmware) Telewell - TW-EA501 v3 (Telewell Firmware) Telewell - TW-EA510 v3 (Telewell Firmware) Telewell - TW-EA510 v3 B (Telewell Finnish Firmware) Telewell - TW-EAV510 (Telewell Firmware) Telit - AR520 (Libero Firmware) Telkom - 5102G (Telkom Firmware) Telkom - Billion 400G (Billion Firmware) Telkom - CLOSER CLO1 (Telkom Firmware) Telkom - duo Plus 300WR (Telkom Firmware) Telkom - MEGA 105WR (Telkom Firmware) Telkom - MEGA 200VWR (Telkom Firmware) Telkom Marconi - Premium Combo ADSL Router 2 (Telkom Marconi Firmware) Telnet - TR-069 (Telnet Firmware) Telsec - TS-129i (Telsec Firmware) Telsec - TS-9000 (Telsec Firmware) Telsey - CPL7 (Telsey Firmware) Telsey - CPVA202 (Telsey Firmware) Telsey - CPVA502 (Telsey Firmware) Teltonika - RUT105 (Teltonika Firmware) Tenda - D810R (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - D830R (PTCL Firmware) Tenda - D840R (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - N3 (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - R502 (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - TED8620R (Tenda Chinese Firmware) Tenda - TWL 108R (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - W150D (PTCL Firmware) Tenda - W150D (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - W268R (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - W3000D (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - W302R (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - W303R (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - W306R (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - W307R (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - W308R (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - W309R (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - W311R (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - W316R (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - W368R (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - W541R (Tenda Firmware) Tenda - W548D (Tenda Firmware) Teracom - T2-B-Gaw (BSNL Firmware) Thomson - DCW775EU (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - DWG849 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - DWG850-4B (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - DWG855 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - DWG855T (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - DWG874B (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - DWG875EU (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - Livebox 2 Mini (Livebox Firmware) Thomson - Livebox 2 Mini (Livebox French Firmware) Thomson - one Hub ST790 (engin Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 510 (Thomson v4 Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 510 (Thomson v5 Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 510 (Thomson v6 Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 510i (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 516 (Thomson v5 Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 516v6 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 530 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 530v6 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 536 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 546 (Thomson v5 Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 546 (Thomson v6 Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 570 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 580 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 585 (O2 Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 585 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 585 (Thomson v6 Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 5x6 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 706 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 716 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 780 (T-Com Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 780 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch 780WL (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - Speedtouch ST5x6v6 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - ST780WL (O2 Firmware) Thomson - TCW710 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TCW750-4T (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TCW770 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TG508 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TG508 (Thomson Portuguese Firmware) Thomson - TG580 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TG585 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TG585 v7 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TG585 v8 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TG587n v2 (O2 Firmware) Thomson - TG605 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TG712 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TG782 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TG782i (T-Com Firmware) Thomson - TG782T (Bigpond Firmware) Thomson - TG784 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TG784n (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TG784n (Thomson Portuguese Firmware) Thomson - TG787 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TG787v (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TG789vn (Thomson Dutch Firmware) Thomson - TG789vn (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TG799vn (Thomson Portuguese Firmware) Thomson - TWC710 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TWC770 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TWG850-4 (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TWG850-4U (Thomson Firmware) Thomson - TWG870 (Thomson Firmware) Tilgin - HG1112 (Tilgin Firmware) Tilgin - HG1213i (Tilgin Firmware) Tilgin - HG1311 (Tilgin Firmware) Tilgin - HG1311C (Tilgin Firmware) Tilgin - HG1332 (Tilgin Turkish Firmware) Tilgin - HG1351 (Tilgin Firmware) Tilgin - HG1522 (Tilgin Firmware) Tilgin - HG1551 (Tilgin Firmware) Tilgin - HG2301 (Hyperoptic Firmware) Tilgin - HG2301 (Tilgin Firmware) Tilgin - Vood 342 (Tilgin Swedish Firmware) Tilgin - Vood 452W (Tilgin Firmware) Tilgin - Vood 453W (Tilgin German Firmware) TMrn D - RG TMRND Gen1.0 (TMrn D Firmware) Tonze - WA-2204B (Tonze Firmware) Topcom - [email protected] WBR 254G (Topcom Firmware) Topcom - [email protected] WBR 654 (Topcom Firmware) Topcom - [email protected] WBR 7201n (Topcom Firmware) Topcom - [email protected] 864A (Topcom Firmware) Totolink - F1 (Totolink Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-821 (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-854W (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-Link - TD864W (TTNet Turkish Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-8810 (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-8811 (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-8816 (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-8817 (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-8840 (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-8840T (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-8841 (TP-Link Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-W8101G (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-W8151N (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-W8901G (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-W8901N (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-W8910G (TP-Link Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-W8920G (TP-Link Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-W8950ND (TP-Link Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-W8951ND (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-W89541G (TP-LINK Chinese Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-W8960N (TP-Link Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-W8961ND (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-W8968 (TP-Link Firmware) TP-LINK - TD-W8970 (TP-Link Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-ER6120 (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-MR3220 (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-MR3420 (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-R402M (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-R460 (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-R470T (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-R480T (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-R860 (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WA5210G (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WDR3600 (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WDR4300 (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR1043N (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR1043ND (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR2543ND (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR340G (TP-LINK v3 Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR340G (TP-LINK v4 Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR340GD (TP-LINK v3 Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR340GD (TP-LINK v4 Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR541G (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR542G (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR543G (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR641G (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR642G (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR720N (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR740N (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR740ND (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR741N (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR741ND (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR743ND (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR841N (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR841ND (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR842ND (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR940ND (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR941N (TP-LINK Firmware) TP-LINK - TL-WR941ND (TP-LINK Firmware) Trellis - WG-APR (Trellis Firmware) Trendchip - HG510 (Trendchip Firmware) Trendchip - HG520 (Trendchip Firmware) Trendchip - WTC231 (Trendchip Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-431BRP (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-432BRP (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-435BRM (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-452BRP (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-631BRP (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-632BRP (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-633GR (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-634GRU (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-639GR (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-651BR (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-651BR v2 (Trendnet Russian Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-652BRP (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-652BRP (Trendnet v3 Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-657BRM (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-658BRM (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-671BR (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-672GR (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-673GRU (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-691GR (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-731BR (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TEW-812DRU (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TW100-BRF114 (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TW100-BRF214 (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TW100-BRV204 (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TW100-BRV304 (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TW100-BRV324 (Trendnet Firmware) Trendnet - TW100-S4W1CA (Trendnet Firmware) Trust - 15898 (Trust Firmware) Trust - 300N (Trust Firmware) Trust - 455A (Conexant Firmware) Trust - AP-Router 108Mbps (Trust Firmware) Trust - MD-4050 (Trust Firmware) Trust - MD-5600 (Trust Firmware) Trust - MD-5700 (Trust Firmware) Tvisto - TVT-RWROW54 (Tvisto Firmware) U.

This new and improved model is the base for a larger range of devices such as the cheaper Thomson 530 and the business strength Thomson 610.

Hopefully it will have a longer life span than the previous 510, which looks like a stop gap device filling in for the capable but long in the tooth Speed Touch Pro.

That said you do still get a fair bit for your money, including: A setup guide is also available online at to the previous Alcatel/Thomson routers it is almost a style statement, from most pictures you would expect the front of the router to be the silver/grey panel, but in fact this is the rear.

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