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This blog is mine and the opinions inside are also mine. I finally pulled the trigger and upgraded a few machines to Windows 8.

By now you may know the story, as the company has gradually backtracked throughout various updates since the OS launched in late 2012.

And Windows 10 will bring the real thing back, albeit in an enhanced fashion that doesn’t depend on fiddly per-user shortcuts and extra folders.

Here's what I ran into and how I realized that there's less reason to freak out than I originally thought. You don't have to "swipe up" to log in just click or press anything. For the first week the most frustrating thing about Windows 8 was getting to anything that was power-user-like. Just press Windows 1 to launch the first thing in your taskbar, all the way up to Windows 0 for the 10th item. You've likely already figured out that to launch something from the keyboard you press Windows, type part of the name of the app, then press Enter.

There's a bunch of folks who have said that you have to "swipe up" or "slide away" from the Login or Lock screen to log in. It's initially confusing as to how you shut down your machine. I was literally pissed at my computer because I was so used to clicking the Start Menu, then right clicking on My Computer in order to do things like Device Manager, etc. If you press Ctrl-Shift-Enter it will run that same app as Admin.

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