Video tailand sex - Updating clob

In my case, I copied the text (XML) from the source column in the source database and pasted it to a file.

The file handler is “EXAMPLE_LOB_DIR” and the directory is “/directory/to/filter.xml”. Update Column In Database Now that we have the file handler, we’ll use the chunk of SQL Syntax below, to read the XML File into a SQL UPDATE statement, which updates DATA(column) in the CONFIG(table) with data in the dest_clob(xml file).

I looked at the documentation for UPDATE statements and TRIGGER statements, but nowhere did I see anything saying that either of these will not work with blobs.

So as far as I can tell, both of the above scenarios should succeed...

If at least one row in the table has blob data that is longer than 32K (which means that Derby will stream it, so far as I can tell), then the error will be: ERROR XCL30: An IOException was thrown when reading a 'BLOB' from an Input Stream. Surprisingly, it doesn't (appear to) matter what the trigger statement is actually doing--so long as it references the blob column at least once, one of these two errors will occur, depending on the length of the data.

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