Updating boot support partitions for the volume as who is sterling knight dating 2016

Anyway, being a Mac disk, I connected the new disk to a Mac and ran Disk tools, which told me that the filesystem needed repairs.My Time Machine drive is failing according to Disk Utility.

It's trying to fix it but is now stuck on: "Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required." It's been there for hours.

How long should I wait before assuming that it's just hung and force quit Disk Utility / re-boot (possibly making the problem worse)?

One answer I saw was "as long as it takes" but realistically, I surely can't just leave it running for weeks.

There must be a maximum time before I should assume it's not going to work.

You can, with a lot of work, look inside this partition and see what's on it, but it's not worth it: you'll never have to worry about it. -- I'm trying a new usenet client for Mac, Nemo OS X, since 0 days. The Recovery Partition is not updated and you don't (and probably can't) update it...

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