Updating a blob

The package works great for uploading new images to Azure storeage, but I have several sites that would benefit from this package but they have existing files in local media.What is the suggested process to move these local media files to blob storage and also change the references to point to the CDN, thereby allowing the removal of the local media items?folder structure on the file system, files being named after (opaque) persistent object ids.

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URL || window.webkit URL; var bb = new Blob Builder(); bb.append('body '); var blob = Blob('text/css'); var link = document.create Element('link'); = 'stylesheet'; = window. URL || window.webkit URL; var blob = new Blob(['body '], ); var link = document.create Element('link'); = 'stylesheet'; = window.

Read instructions below for using assets from Java Script and HTML.

This is the SHA-1 hash – a checksum of the content you’re storing plus a header, which you’ll learn about in a bit.

Now you can see how Git has stored your data: directory.

Recent spec changes to the File API include a new constructor for window.

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