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Of course, I had no idea what he was dealing with and didn't realise anything was wrong.

This gut-wrenching experience, combined with the hard-hitting facts above, is ultimately what inspired me to create the Lions Barber Collective.

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Whilst sitting there and hearing this, I thought to myself 'there is not a chance they are talking about me', as that day I had made a particular effort with my makeup.

Realising that they were actually insulting and mocking me, my first thoughts were why would they find it acceptable to laugh at someone's appearance?

While browsing, a blue flame indicates an earned right swipe.

Then, the Flame user can choose when they want to activate the match. Or, if they want to delay a match on Tinder, the app can save the flame for later.

Starting her concept not from a designer standpoint, but from a question about whether there might be a consumer appetite for a hybrid textile apparel/shoe product, she placed a paid Facebook Ad (for £38.61, to be exact) aimed at her demographic (25-37 year old females in the UK and the US), reaching over 400,000 people, from which she had 55 surveys completed.

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