Ufs error updating

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ufs error updating-28

Ufs error updating

Please select English language om the software’s welcome page and retry upgrade process. Connection to server failed: Socket Error # 10060 Connection to server failed: Socket Error # 10061 Connection refused.

Please disable or uninstall all installed antivirus and firewall software and retry upgrade operation.

SAMs V ---------------- TRIDENT C158, C158B, C188L, C240L, C258, C260B, C260L, C260M, C300 B, E576, E758, X138, X180, X468P, X478, X568 added (DUNL, IM, FL) USB flashing introduced for HPE models (U600,..

2x faster) TRIDENT VISION B3210, B3310, B3313, C3010S, C3050C, C3053, C3060, C3110H , M620N, S3030C, S3500C, S3500H, S3500i, S3501C, S5150, S5150C added (CUNL, IM, FL) MSL3 bypass introduced (B3210, B3310, B3313, C3060, C3060R,...) USB UI functions introduced, allows to unlock USB only phones.

BB5 products: RM-576, RM-577 (6700s,6700s-1c) added. BB5 RAP3Gv40 Based Products USB Flashing / UI support added: RM-509, RM-510, RM-511, RM-540, RM-598, RM-604, RM-615, RM-638, RM-721, RM-722 (3710a-1,3710a-1c,3711a-1, X3-00,7230-1c,7230-1,5330-1d,6303ci, C2-01, C2-01.5) 9.

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