Tv show dating a prince

ryan seacrest, if you're out there, this was GOOD!

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"I can see them engaged by the end of this year," and another pal adds, "Cressida is who Harry was looking for for so long.

Matt Hicks, the 24-year-old environmental consultant who bears more than a passing resemblance to Prince Harry is given the task of persuading a group of US girls that they were vying to date the fun-loving royal in the new reality series I Wanna Marry Harry.

With just weeks before their royal wedding, Paige and Edvard find their relationship and the Danish monarchy in jeopardy when an old law is brought to light, stating that an unmarried heir ...

See full summary » King Edvard, to please Queen Paige, diverts their honeymoon to the fictional crown protectorate of Belavia.

"It was all completely new to me so I just sort of winged it.

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