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The dating game has undoubtedly progressed a lot over the past ten years or so with online dating, but just like in real life, there are certain things people say or do which are instant turn-offs.Ed doesn't like people that chastise other people on the app, normally with passive aggressive statements.Regardless, your soliloquy has the opposite intended effect and comes off as bragging and arrogance.

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“Also, if they list things in their biography that they don’t want, I don’t like that,” she says.

E-Harmony found that using certain words when you are online dating decreases the potential for matches, namely describing yourself as spiritual, quiet or a good listener.

“People who write things such as 'I'm not quite like most people, so if you're not willing to accept difference and kindness in the world then please move on'.

If they think so little of people on the app, don't use it.” Rhiannon agrees that someone being too forward or suggestive as soon as they start talking is an instant no.

” Even if you foot the bill on the first date, your overall attitude towards money can come through more than you realize.

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