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I had my site re-designed by the lovely Shay Bocks, who also designed Pinch of Yum, Oh my Veggies, Prevention RD, Homegrown & Healthy and more! Shay is so easy to work with, is so sweet, and truly has an eye for beauty.

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She herself has suffered verbal abuse from complete strangers.

The convention kicked off yesterday with the 'red-gistration' and redheads arriving from all over the country and abroad too.

Make a sexist joke and prepare to be dismissed as an antediluvian relic.

Verbal abuse Carrot-top, copper-top, ginger-nut, ginger minger, bluey (among Australians), Duracell, Ronald Mc Donald, Simply Red, Queen Elizabeth.

On every second thursday of the month you are allowed under ancient law to stay in bed until a quarter past ten. You are allowed to lie about your name to people under the age of 25.

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