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Their complicated breakup was chronicled on the reality series. for an extended period, but the pair only recently began appearing in public together.

Cisco has produced for artists such as Styles P, French Montana, Jim Jones, Uncle Murda and Tahiry Jones.

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Click Here In this video Nas and Damien Marley meet 5'11" listed Ma'a Nonu and 5'10" listed Piri Weepu of the All Blacks. said on 25/May/07 coolj, he said i was 5-7his post offence,but its obvious he is saying im 5-7 period.straight out of you want to comment on that? that was pretty clear with him.whats the point on commenting? As for him rapping 5'8" on a mixtape most likely 1) it's a freestyle jam hence a lot of lines will be fill-in's, off the top of the head things, maybe he just fluffed his own height or just liked the sound of 5'8" better. said on 20/Apr/07 scarlet,you never met any of these people so you dont know.yes,rob,police descriptions arent always accurate and they is 5-10goes for all of my friends and peers laughed at you guys last all said the same you met any of these celebs? said on 19/Apr/07 i always bump into your point scarlet?

Nas looks almost as tall as Nonu and Marley and Nas both look clearly taller than Weepu. if i want to defend myself on clowns that talk **** behind a computer,thats my would probably get annoyed too. (Might sound stupid,, but saying "five-eight" as a word is more a strikingly pronounced than "five-nine". Jason Priestley & Matt Le Blanc have them, let a rappah get some height. guys dont want to hear the was reported at 5-6 in the newspaper once.5-7 for rod stewart,who is 5-11. i know what he is 5-10.i doubt a rapper wears lifts.people dont know their own height sometimes.i had friends tell me they were my height,when they were 5-9,5-10.

They both appear to be 5'10" range with Nas arguably slightly taller than Marley. I expect to be flamed for that one.) 2) The guy probably doesn't know his own height, seriously, lots of people don't care. said on 22/Apr/07 I wanted to buy some but they had too much heel for me. I guess he got dissed my a fellow rappah (NY talk) about his height and had customs made. 5-8 for jagger who is 5-10.wahlberg was over 5-9 when i last saw he is most likely 5-8. said on 19/Apr/07 Said he is 5'8 on one of his raps "5-8 with double-X-L pen saggin blunts draggin But never lived well, imagine, a felon on a two-way street One way is where blood money coke and homicide leap The other street opportunity the chance to live sweet" said on 19/Apr/07 Yeah, he's certainly over 5'8".

The other comments in this thread indicate that despite his claim Nas usually looks taller than 5'8". He's probably just latched onto a height some 6'3" guy put upon him. I've seen 15 pictures of Nas with listed height people and he's 5' 8" in every single one. said on 20/Apr/07 Nas has aged and put on some weight since the last photo. said on 20/Apr/07 NYPD would have solid description on a felon, especially for what he did. In fact, the more I see this guy, the more he seems 5'9.5" . said on 26/Dec/06 Yeah, Nasty Nas is a solid 5'8",guys. (Method Man makes those other three look like the Mighty Muchnkins of Hip Hop. Nas does have a rep for being kinda stand-offish and unfriendly. A series of photos from last year with nas performing with Jay Z give the impression of a solid 5'8" guy.

His subsequent albums, Lights Out (2000) and 500 Degreez (2002), went on to be certified gold.

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