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Hardcore pornography was making ground as "Porno Chic" was coined by iconic viewers of movies like "Deep Throat", and the rule of the day was all natural HAIRY PUSSIES!

Well its 2011 and almost nowhere in the adult video production world is anyone shooting fuck videos with that full-on, "ALL NATURAL" look.

Unfortunately, due to this obsession with the work of our own hands, we still place ourselves at the center of all the universe. God didn't need to sink the Titanic, the pride of men sank the Titanic.

Regardless of the fact that the theory of the earth being at the center was proven wrong, we, in our "big headed pride" continue to place ourselves, emotionally at the center of all "Creation". Then when we couldn't extrapolate our ideas out of the simple scientific method, we became frustrated and looked for other avenues to express our believed sure knowledge of the universe. We then employed the mathematical model to assist us in our desire to satisfy our surety.

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